Bibi al-Abbas is the wife of Jid al-Abbas, the mother of Ayesha al-Abbas, and maternal grandmother of Samirah al-Abbas.


Bibi and her husband were born in Iraq and immigrated to America when Saddam Hussein took power. They had a daughter named Ayesha who became a doctor, but she was rebellious and Bibi and her husband worried about her. They eventually became grandparents with the birth of their granddaughter Samirah (via Ayesha's romance with Loki) and took her in after Ayesha died. Bibi and her husband arranged a marriage between their granddaughter and Amir Fadlan.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Sword of Summer

Sam mentions Bibi along with Jid trough out the book. They also ground her when she returns from Jotunheim

The Hammer of Thor

She, her husband, Amir and Abdel Fadlan were seen in a video of Alex Fierro's death due to her granddaughter's poor camera skills. The four are gathered in their apartment after Loki told them what their granddaughter really was and revealing the Nine Worlds to them. By the time the quest for the hammer was over, Bibi, Jid, and Abdel forgot about the revelation. 

9 from the Nine Worlds

This Is Why I Hate Clothes Shopping

Bibi is mentioned when her granddaughter is talking about her and Jid’s fiftieth wedding anniversary.


Bibi is described as an elderly Aribic woman who often wears a red hijab.


Bibb is a devout Muslim. She cares greatly for her granddaughter and worried about her when she did not return home.


  • Bibi and her husband are the second set of grandparents to take in their granddaughter after her mother/their daughter died. The first being Mr. and Mrs. Faust who took in Sadie Kane after Ruby Kane died.
  • According to her granddaughter, Bibi has trouble using and understanding technology, something she and Sam share.