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The Big House Attic is used as a place where demigods store items and trophies from previous quests. It is located in Camp Half-Blood and is also where the mummified Oracle used to live before Rachel Elizabeth Dare became the new Oracle, after Hades withdrew his curse.

Known Items

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The former Oracle.

The Lightning Thief

The Big House Attic is portrayed when Percy Jackson goes up to visit the Oracle so he can obtain his first quest prophecy from the Oracle, after he has a talk with Chiron about Zeus and his father, Poseidon, arguing about who took Zeus' master bolt. Percy sees many items from long ago placed there by Demigods from several years before him.

The third time it is seen is when Percy comes back to the Big House with his hand weakened by a pit scorpion sent from the depths of Tartarus by Luke.

The Titan's Curse

The Big House Attic is seen twice. The first time, Percy goes up to see the Oracle, frustrated that no one except Grover Underwood and himself knew (and seen) that Annabeth Chase was captured by a major enemy, Dr. Thorn the Manticore and big fanatic of the Titan Army. There, Percy asks the Oracle what should he do about Annabeth's disappearance after their unsuccessful battle in the courtyard of Westover Hall in Maine against Dr. Thorn. However, The Oracle doesn't respond to his question and Percy angrily leaves the attic.

The second time occurred while the Camp Half-Blood campers were playing a Capture the Flag game on a Friday against the Hunters of Artemis. Seeing that Thalia Grace was facing a barrage of Hunters and too busy to bring the Hunters' flag towards their "territory", Percy saw a chance to break in and grab the flag from the opposing team's "territory" before the other team could grab theirs. He ran over to the other side of the creek, grabbed the opposing team's flag, and was just headed back to the campers' own territory in the game when Thalia's voice startled him and he stopped. When he looks up behind Thalia, Percy sees that Zoë Nightshade, Artemis' lieutenant and a huntress, had taken their own flag. Thalia also sees this and gets really mad that their flag had been taken away. She gets extremely angry at Percy and starts to tell him that it was all his fault.

Thalia got so angry, she electrocuted Percy. Seeing this, Thalia says she is sorry but it was too late for forgiveness. He then calls Thalia pinecone face. This time, she pushed Percy into the creek. When he stood up, Percy was not happy. Angrily, he willed up another breakwater but just as he was prepared to will the water to hit Thalia again, he looks up behind Thalia and sees green smoke. Startled, he watches as the Oracle walks up to them and sit on a big rock. Percy was so startled by this that he stopped fighting Thalia and stared at the Oracle.

Once the Oracle had sat down on a rock, it asked Zoë what she wanted and Zoë replied, "What can I do to save my goddess?" The Oracle prophesied that a five-group member team of campers and Hunters combined should go westward following the Bane of Olympus to save Artemis. After that the Oracle stopped speaking, green misty smoke disappeared from her mouth, and she became silent again sitting on the rock.

Percy and Grover are volunteered to return the Oracle to its place in the Big House Attic.

The Battle of the Labyrinth

It is seen when Annabeth goes up to the attic to talk with the Oracle on what her quest in the Labyrinth should be.

The Last Olympian

The Big House Attic is seen three times. The first is seen in two to about three dreams that Percy dreams about when he is witnessing Luke Castellan's mysterious past just to know his major archenemy better. The last dream is when he sees Hermes trying to refuse his lover, May Castellan, from not being the embodiment of the Oracle, which she wanted to. In two minutes, Hermes relents, saying that this must be good, and lets May, Luke's mortal mother, into the Big House while he and Chiron are staying outside on the porch. After two or more minutes, Hermes jokes that it would be fine and that his wife would be just perfect as usual. However, his words go alive, but on the opposite sort of way, and everything ends up worse than before. Both Chiron and Hermes hear a loud scream coming from the Big House Attic where May is and are shocked and surprised to see bright green light lit from both upper attic floors (Chiron, unaware of the curse of the Oracle that Hades had imposed, allowed May into the attic).

The second time is when Percy and Annabeth go to get the Great Prophecy. The third time that the Big House Attic is seen is when Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Apollo, and the other campers witness Rachel Elizabeth Dare take the oath of holding the embodiment of the Oracle at the Big House porch at Camp Half-Blood after the Battle of Manhattan has ended.

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