Blaise is a Roman demigod son of Vulcan and a Probatio at Camp Jupiter.


Blaise was born to Vulcan, the Roman god of fire, and an unknown mortal mother. As with most Roman demigods and legacies, he was taken to the Wolf House when he was old enough and survived Lupa’s training. He then made his way to the Bay Area and found Camp Jupiter. He became a probatio in an unknown cohort.

The Trials of Apollo

Camp Jupiter Classified: A Probatio’s Journal

Vulcan, his father.

Blaise is assigned aqueduct cleaning duty along with fellow probatio Claudia. While the legacy of Mercury tries to strike up conversation with him, the son of Vulcan leaves as soon as he fills his sack.

A week later Claudia goes to the forge to have her shield fixed. He fixes it and watches in horror as she swings around a broken weighted net, knocking things on the floor. He tells her that one of the books she knocked down is a book belonging to the ghost of his half-brother Mamurius Veturius.

After Mamurius is freed, he teams up with Claudia and Janice to return the ancile. The son of Vulcan constructs a device resembling a back to back position with shields attached to hinges. After learning Claudia was confined to her bunk, he and the others come clean to Frank Zhang and tell the praetors about their plan, they approve.

Their plan goes south quickly with the wrong bag being dropped off and Frank getting hurt in a crash. The three lug their equipment to the dump as Elon guides them. They reach the dump and set up a trap outside the trailer. Mimi falls into their trap as Claudia searches her trailer for the ancile and finds it. Soon after Frank and two eagles arrive to take them back to camp. The following day he and Janice offer to join Claudia as she explores New Rome, but she turns them down. He stammers and blushes as he asks the legacy of Mercury, hinting that he may have a crush on her.


Blaise is a teenage boy with long dark hair, dark skin, and a large nose. He has a muscular build.


Blaise takes pride in his work and has little time for those who distract him from it.


  • Craftsmanship: As a son of Vulcan, Blaise is a skilled craftsmen man.


  • Blaise is a given name derived from Saint Blaise.


  • Blaise’s name could be a pun on the fact that he is a son of the god of fires and volcanoes.
The Trials of Apollo
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