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Galaxy the Spacewing Galaxy the Spacewing 7 days ago


  • Child of Nemesis is the protagonist
    • He
    • Age 13 - 15
    • Sad
  • They aim for evil
    • Think it is good
    • Unnaware they are doing bad
  • Influenced thelepathically by a powerful demi-god
    • Unknown till after a while
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BubbleWolf123 BubbleWolf123 15 days ago

How was I this cringe before if only I could delete blogs 💀💀💀

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SayuriDarling SayuriDarling 27 days ago


hello all, should now redirect to us.

pls let me know if any other redirects that aren’t taken can go to us.


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RafaelProhuhuhu RafaelProhuhuhu 30 October

River Styx question for you guys need your help

Guys what do you think will happen if we dropped objects to the river styx ? Will it be destroyed or will it be invincible ?Like I don't know hwo like part of me says that it'll turn invicible but another part of me sya that it'll be destroyed comepletely

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LgbtQwiki11 LgbtQwiki11 11 October

Who is hotter?

.Comment who you think is hotter than the other person

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Hi! I simply adore Riordan's books. I have only read PJO and HoO but I love it. I am looking forward to reading ToA since my fav ships are Solangelo and Caleo. I would rather be at CHB and be a child of Hades or Athena. My fave character in PJO/HoO is Nico. I also love Harry Potter. And it's no coincidence that my fav memes are Harry Potter and Percy Jackson crossovers. If I went to Hogwarts I would spend every bit of free time I would spend in the Hogwarts Library soooooooooooooooooooooo... I might have a unhealthy addiction to reading books. More on this point I would live in a library if I could. Oh and my name is Akarshini (Akas for short) and I live in Down Under!

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I'm thinking of starting a weekly post thing...

Sooo.... I haven't been very active on the fandom (sad) and I feel like I should start posting. I am going to do weekly competitions and pick the winner on Friday (or whatever day I do it because you know time zones are different around the world). Anyone can participate, you don't actually need to say you are participating just type in the comments your answer.

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Rome4Ever Rome4Ever 17 August

Funny question...

If Hannibal (the elephant from Camp Jupiter) and Livia (the elephant from Waystation) had a baby together, what should his/her name be?

Definitely leave ur opinions in the comments below! 😎

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Magnus chase

I have been reading Magnus Chase lately and my mom said she will buy me the 10th aniversary box set of HoO if I finish the last to books (the hammer of Thor) and (the ship of the dead) in the next 12 days. Wish me luck

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*the olympians watching the olympics*

Hello, dumb thing i wrote

Zeus: These puny mortals attempting to match a fraction of our power. Calling themselves "Olympians". Pfffft...

Poseidon: Dude, shut up, they're doing synchronised diving. I need to see this.

Apollo: When's archery coming up? That's the only REAL sport everyone needs.

Artemis: You don't have any say in what happens in the Olympics. Not after you delayed it BY A YEAR.

Apollo: What do you mean?

Ares: Mortals have gone soft. They call these "games"? No MUTILATIONS, no DEATHS, not even any BLOOD.

Athena: It's not the Hunger Games, Ares. These games are of great cultural importance, when the best athletes compete and push the limits of humanity even further through great motivation.

Zeus: Too far. Mortals should know their pla…

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BubbleWolf123 BubbleWolf123 29 July

PPPS (Panda Plushie Protection Squad) SIGNUPS

Just go to the comments and ask.

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SayuriDarling SayuriDarling 2 July

Message Walls

I have turned on message walls to see how we like them. It should be easier to follow conversations now. This was highly requested by /d users.

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Weeboftheworld Weeboftheworld 15 May

Rick Riordan Book obsession

I just finsished re-reading Rick Riordan's boos for the 1,000th time. I can't stop reading them. I have made so many fan fictions and different ideas of what happenes next. I really want a Nico and Will series (I am sure all my solangelo shipers want it aswell). I have so many ideas that when I go to sleep my brain hurts from thinking about it too much lol. I just can't stop ever. I will keep reading and getting more ideas, I got my hedache medicine just incase.

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Kindofshameless Kindofshameless 13 May

The Demons Of Poseidon

I rounded the corner and stifled a yelp. Aiden was standing there, and  it took not even five seconds for his eyes to lock with mine. A sharp pain pierced my head. I gasped, and my knees buckled. I squeezed my eyes shut. Ow. Ow, ow, ow.

Look at me.” Aiden was closer now. I shook my head but against my will, I met his eyes and winced again.


How much misery could misery take....?

“Percy please. Please stop.”

“SHE’S DEAD, Percy. And I blame you.”

“Nine dead.”

“He’s dead.”

“She’s dead”

“It’s dead.”

“Your fault.”

“How many people will die for you?”

“The stars, my lady…”

“Tell the stars hello.”

I screamed in pain, every sentence digging into my skull like knives. Aiden smiled cruelly.

“You should know that if you tell anyone about my ability, yo…

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Killerfrost180 Killerfrost180 7 May

pls read my ff on wattpad lol

hiiiiiii whats up ppl

um i wrote this percabeth fanfic on wattpad, so if you want pls read itt lol

pls read it bc its the first time i wrote a fanfic so im rly sorry if it sucks but i did my best lol

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SO what books in the rick riordan series do you LOVE? (i prefer almost all but like the lost hero and the sea of monsters were not that necessary)

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FierroFan1234 FierroFan1234 5 May

My Blog

Hi everyone! I just started this blog, and I’m going to try to post every day. I hope you like it!

Today’s post is a short story challenge. Write about what would happen if Aphrodite were to meet Loki, but neither of them knew who the other was. I look forward to seeing your replies!

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My blog

By NicodiAngelofan06

Hi I'm NicodiAngelofan06 and this is my blog where every few days, unless I'm busy, I write a blog post on what I believe is true, and this is a free ticket to debating as long as you be nice to one another.

Sunday, May 2 1:03 PM to

For my first blog post I have a question to ask you all. Do any of you guys and girls think that Luke Castellan is a villain or a hero?

To me I think Luke Castellan is a hero. Here are my reasons why:

My first reason is because (and this is a big one) he sacrificed himself to stop Kronos from taking over the world and destroying it. How can anyone top that. (Well other than stoping world hunger, if you stop that than that's pretty big too, but still he saved the world.) S

Sure he letting Kronos …

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CampHalfBlood2010 CampHalfBlood2010 12 April

My Fav Heros

This is an honorary to all fallen heroes.





Lee Fletcher



Charles Beckendorf

Michael Yew


Silena Beauregard

Ethan Nakamura

These are all of the heroes who went down fighting. They deserve a proper burial.

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Primal prism Primal prism 10 April


Je m'appelle Prism....ok ok i stop speaking french....anyways hi! i am prism and if ur reading this blog make sure to double check your minecraft base since i might grief it...........heh

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Edith 69 Edith 69 8 April

Gaea and Poseidon??

I just re-read all Rick Riordan books and i found something... weird. I think it was in Percy Jackson and the Battle of the Labyrinth (Book 4).

Percy, Rachel and Annabeth met a Giant. Percy defeated him by hanging him on the ceiling. It took him a while to find out he couldnt die on the earth because he is a son of Gaea. Percy was also confused about something the giant said - "I am Poseidons favourite child!" (sth like that, im not sure)

So... Poseidon and Gaea had a CHILD ??? When? Why? Ew...

Someone explain?

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BubbleWolf123 BubbleWolf123 5 April


Hello! This is my blog, where I can post things!

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JellybeansBean JellybeansBean 26 March

Any children of Hecate?

Google Classroom group for the children of Hecate!

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BubbleWolf123 BubbleWolf123 23 March


Only comment if you want to join. I'll count by the number of comments. thats why. REMOVE THE PJOMOVIES

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Luke Saint Sophia Luke Saint Sophia 23 March


  • 1 Heraclids
    • 1.1 Heraclidae
    • 1.2 Agiad and Eurypontid
    • 1.3 Argead (and Molossians)
  • 2 Legend

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Luke Saint Sophia Luke Saint Sophia 23 March

Caine and Croft Family Bloodline

  • Lucas Montrose (1715-1771)
  • Emilia Montrose (1733-1786)
  • Richard J. Croft (1737-1776)
  • Clarisse J. Croft (1771-1821)
  • Helia Croft (1799-
  • Sarah Hestia Croft (1823-1901) - better known as Sarah Neal
  • Henry Branwell (1856-1901)
  • Helena Georgina Wells (1866-1914)
  • Charlotte Branwell (1891 - 1949)
  • Asteria Branwell (1919 - ?)
  • Lady Caine (1915 - 1981)
  • Diana Branwell (1944 -)
  • Jim Jackson
  • Estelle Jackson
  • Alistair Caine (1943 -)
  • Joanna Caine (née Beauchamps) (1945 -)
  • Henry Caine (1960 -)
  • William Caine (1968 -)
  • Alicia Caine (1971-)
  • Sally Jackson (1973-)
  • Thomas Fairchild (née Theseus Jackson) (1978-) - later adopted by Fairchild Family.
  • Amelia Fairchild (née Caine) (1979-)
  • Serena Caine (1991-)
  • Cara Caine (1991-)
  • Abigail Jameson-Caine (1991-)
  • Parker Jameson-Caine (1994-)
  • James H…
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Luke Saint Sophia Luke Saint Sophia 22 March


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CasualSunGod42 CasualSunGod42 21 March

TLT Timeline 2/2

This blog post is the second in a series that tries to compose a complete timeline for Rick Riordan's shared universe. This entry focuses on the second half of The Lightning Thief (chapters 12–22). Pop culture references will be assumed as canon in this timeline unless they contradict other dates and information.

  • 1 Wednesday, June 12
    • 1.1 Chapter 12
    • 1.2 Timeline (Chapter 12)
  • 2 Thursday, June 14
    • 2.1 Chapter 13
    • 2.2 Chapter 14
    • 2.3 Timeline (Chapter 13–14)
  • 3 Friday, June 14
    • 3.1 Chapter 15
    • 3.2 Chapter 16
    • 3.3 Timeline (Chapter 15–16)
  • 4 Saturday, June 15
    • 4.1 Chapter 16
    • 4.2 Timeline (Chapter 16)
  • 5 Thursday, June 20
    • 5.1 Chapter 17
    • 5.2 Timeline (Chapters 17–18)
    • 5.3 Chapter 18
  • 6 Friday, June 21
    • 6.1 Chapter 18 (cont.)
    • 6.2 Timeline (Chapter 18)
  • 7 Timeline (TLT)

After dreaming of Kronos again, Percy …

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CasualSunGod42 CasualSunGod42 17 March

TLT Timeline 1/2

This blog post is the first in a series that tries to compose a complete timeline for Rick Riordan's shared universe, starting with the first half of The Lightning Thief (chapters 1–11). Pop culture references will be assumed as canon in this timeline unless they contradict other dates and information.

  • 1 The Lightning Thief
    • 1.1 Chapter 1
      • 1.1.1 Timeline
    • 1.2 Day 1 (Friday)
      • 1.2.1 Chapter 2
      • 1.2.2 Chapter 3
      • 1.2.3 Timeline
    • 1.3 Day 2 (Saturday)
      • 1.3.1 Chapter 3
      • 1.3.2 Chapter 4
      • 1.3.3 Timeline
    • 1.4 Day 3
      • 1.4.1 Chapter 5
      • 1.4.2 Chapter 6
      • 1.4.3 Chapter 7
      • 1.4.4 Timeline
    • 1.5 Chapter 8
      • 1.5.1 Timeline
    • 1.6 Tuesday, June 11
      • 1.6.1 Chapter 9
      • 1.6.2 Chapter 10
      • 1.6.3 Chapter 11
      • 1.6.4 Timeline
    • 1.7 Timeline (Chapters 1–11)

Percy is twelve years old when he writes the book (released in our world on July 1, 2005). He …

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BubbleWolf123 BubbleWolf123 11 March

PJO story telling

I have a challenge and the instructions are at the bottom:

You tell the story in the comments like this:

O Caleoandpercabeth4lyfe

Percy looked inside the coffin. but he noticed something was wrong!

O Avatargirl121

Lukes body was inside!

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Hiiiithere Hiiiithere 18 February

Lets talk about Meg

This blog will be updated as much as I can for every book and the story of Meg.

Also I will be doing a Apollo one so that coming after or while I am doing Meg.BOOK NUMBER 1: Meg is a seriously great character. She is the daughter of Demeter and a botanist. In the first book she received peaches. Her trusty vicious fruit by her side. Now Meg is the type of girl that shows no affection and knows no affection. But as time goes on. She opens up. Apollo get to know her better. There are times when she shares her life struggles with him which is straight up heart-breaking. When she meets Sally though, I feel like she got another mother. Not permanent but Sally actually cares for Meg. She got her into fresh clothing and I feel that is the first t…

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Sokeefe is my World Sokeefe is my World 14 February


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AsterEternal AsterEternal 21 January

Sadie would beat Annabeth

I've seen all the arguments discussing whether Sadie or Annabeth would win in a fight against each other, and I strongly believe that Sadie would win. Though Annabeth may be smart, I think she's rather overrated because of them. She may have outsmarted Arachne and gotten her way out of the House of Nyx, but that's because she had time to think up a plan while they were communicating. With Sadie, there would be no talking. Sadie would simply chant a spell and Annabeth would be done for. Sadie is experienced in her magic and could easily cast protection spells to shield herself and combat spells that could help her win the battle. Therefore, even though strength must bow to wisdom sometimes, Sadie would win this fight.

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Yyrainbow Yyrainbow 21 January


What do you think of jasper?

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Yyrainbow Yyrainbow 20 January

Late post!

What's your favorite character from the riordan books?!

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Yyrainbow Yyrainbow 19 January


Hai guys ! its me cocoa ! I want to know what u guys like the most . Percy Jackson and the olympians, or The Heroes of olympus ? Thank you guys sooo so much for coming to this blog post ! I luv you guys so much and i'll cya next time ! bai luvs!

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Yyrainbow Yyrainbow 15 January

Blog 1/15/21

Helloooo ! It's flxyriea again ! What's your favourite Rick Riordan ship ? I'll see all of later ! Buh bye !

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Flashboycool97 Flashboycool97 14 January

lorien legacies and superheroes,,

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Yyrainbow Yyrainbow 12 January

Welcome to my Blog !

Hello ! I'm flxyriea ! This is my new fandom blog ! I most probably won't be posting on here often but I'll try ! I love reading ! Currently reading trials of apollo ! My blog will mostly be about this ! I'll see you again for another blog post !

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SunshineValdez SunshineValdez 17 December 2020

Can demigods date people in their own cabins

So, we know that demigods can date the the other demigods at camp because Gods don’t have DNA. But can they date in amongst themselves in their own cabins since they don’t share DNA? Is this like an unspoken rule or something?! I can’t stop thinking about this!

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BookCrazy14 BookCrazy14 9 December 2020

Piper is underestimated

Piper is an underestimated character. She is probably the bravest girl out of the 7. Alot of people underestimate her as The Charmspeaker. But she snapped Leo and Jason out of medea`s trance. And she defeated medea, in The Burning Maze. And she defeated a whole flock of Harpies (First chapter of the burning maze). She jumped into a flaming pit, saved Annabeth from a giant, and controled snake people. How much more could she do? Anyone else agree?

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0palcatt 0palcatt 25 November 2020

Playlist to listen to while reading Magnus chase books

I find this a nice playlist to listen to while reading the Magnus Chase least some parts of it. Kinda fits the mood

U can search this on Spotify

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0palcatt 0palcatt 20 November 2020


@bruggersnigsag stop violating pages and please can someone fix this

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Wisegirl118 Wisegirl118 18 November 2020

Percy Jackson Lovers

Hey Guys. Can't believe Percy Jackson is becoming an tv series. I hope THO will be added onto there too!

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SayuriDarling SayuriDarling 11 November 2020

Admin Applications Are Open

Hello everyone! Admin applications are currently open. Please meet the minimum requirements for applying.

If you get admin, you must be active on Discord as that is our main place chat. If you have any questions feel free to ask on my talk page or Discord (eden#0825).

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CaitlynSmartz CaitlynSmartz 15 October 2020

ToN spoiler/ Question

Does anyone know where we can get some Shel fanart??? 

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Hplover419 Hplover419 13 October 2020


how do you think Harry would teach when he would sub for dada class do you think it is like lupin ways or snapsHplover419 (talk • contribs) 17:43, October 13, 2020 (UTC) ways?

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Your Chill Dad Your Chill Dad 9 October 2020

First day :3

Barely found this place, it's COOl.

I'm so grateful that I found this place (coolest thing ever ❤︎) I finished the Percy Jackson series last year and I just think it's the most exciting um... world. Anyway I found this place when I was searching up Rick Riordan (if you ask me why I was doing that I won"t remember) and bam! I found this place and registered right away. I'm so excited and just hope that I will be able to nurture my demigod knowledge bye!  

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EvieCar3000 EvieCar3000 7 October 2020

You are a big fat stupid head

You are a big fat stupid head. You are a big fat stupid head. You are a big fat stupid head. You are a big fat stupid head. You are a big fat stupid head. You are a big fat stupid head. You are a big fat stupid head. You are a big fat stupid head. You are a big fat stupid head. You are a big fat stupid head. You are a big fat stupid head. You are a big fat stupid head.

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