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The first name on the scroll, Tutankhamun.

The Kane family name.

The Blood of the Pharaohs is the royal bloodline dating back to Ancient Egypt.


The possessors of the royal blood are extremely powerful and are favored by the gods as hosts. Thought to be extinct, the bloodline continues into the modern world. Carter and Sadie Kane are the most powerful magicians born to the line in thousands of years.

A list of the pharaohs is contained on a papyrus scroll called The Blood of the Pharaohs. One copy is kept in the library of Brooklyn House, which includes the name Kane written in hieroglyphs.

Those with the blood of the pharaohs are currently being persecuted by the House of Life for following the Path of the Gods. Sadie and Carter have begun to use Osiris's djed to call others like them to Brooklyn House.

Anyone who has the blood of the pharaohs has the right to become the Pharaoh of the House of Life. Carter Kane eventually took up this position after Apophis was destroyed.

According to Thoth, those who have the blood of the pharaohs always have the ability to summon boats to take them to the Duat if needed. The Kane family has the ability to summon the Egyptian Queen and can also use Ra's sunboat.

Known Lines

There are three known royal lines in the series. Carter and Sadie, through their father are descended from the first Pharaoh, Narmer while their mother lends descent from Ramesses II, also known as Ramesses the Great.

Walt Stone is descended from Akhenaton, the heretic Pharaoh and father of Tutankhamen and cursed from some priests of Ra.

The other initiates are descended from various pharaohs, but it is not revealed which ones.

Zia Rashid may be a descendant of a pharaoh as she was able to host Nephthys and Ra.


  • The name of a pharaoh is written on a cartouche while Carter and Sadie examine the list for the first time.
  • The pharaoh shown on the page is Tutankhamun.
  • Despite being a demigod and thus not the blood of the pharaohs, Percy Jackson was able to host Nekhbet for a time. Since Percy himself is part god, this may help him hosting one, although in a different way that the blood of the pharaohs.
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