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Bloodstained Blade is the demon captain of the Egyptian Queen, who is bound to serve the Kane family within reason, but can only be summoned once a year in times of great need. 


Bloodstained Blade was a demon in the service of the Kane family for some time and was present, aboard the Egyptian Queen, on the night that Ruby Kane died. He granted Julius Kane and Bast the safety of his ship after the tragic incident. Under some sort of spell, currently unknown, Bloodstained Blade is forced to follow the will of the Kanes (within reason), though he isn't happy about it and is eager for any chance to betray them.

The Kane Chronicles

The Red Pyramid

Bloodstained Blade appears with his boat to escort Sadie and Carter Kane as well as Bast to the Land of the Dead.

The Serpent's Shadow

Zia killing Bloodstained Blade

He is summoned to bring Sadie, Carter, Walt Stone and Zia Rashid to the Land of the Dead again, but they then order him to take them, along with Setne, to the temple where the Book of Thoth is hidden. Setne then uses the command that Carter has given him over Bloodstained Blade to order him to take the boat to the Land of the Demons to retrieve Apophis' shadow, and to kill Carter and Zia, which Bloodstained Blade gladly complies with. Having lost his sword in an earlier battle, Carter is no match for him, even after Ra gives him his crook and flail, but Zia wakes up and, channeling Ra's powers, incinerates Bloodstained Blade.


Bloodstained Blade appears grumpy, sullen, and prideful. Bast says that if he ever was released from service to the Kane family, he would use his bladed head on them. Strangely, he seems to disapprove of the fact that Bast neglected to tell the Kane siblings the details of their mother's death, despite the fact he seems to hate the Kane family. The fact that he hates the Kane family is also hinted when he seems somewhat happy when Carter and Sadie have to go face Shezmu and when he later is annoyed that he is not freed from service early. His hatred is shown best when after being ordered to kill Carter, he wholeheartedly tries to do so. However, his main reason for this could possibly be because killing Carter would grant him his freedom.

According to Setne, Bloodstained Blade is loyal to his own kind and would not have brought Carter and Zia to the Land of Demons if he didn't think he could kill them, though it is unclear whether or not he is telling the truth.


Bloodstained Blade has the body of a human and wears a white captains' uniform. Rather than a head, he sports a double-bladed battle ax. The blades are in the shapes of crescents and the backwards facing blade is splattered with red dots that appear to be blood. Due to being described as having to duck when going through a doorway, either his head is very large, or he is tall. Due to a lack of a conventional head, his voice sounds like a quivery hum along his front blade and sounds like music made by a hammer hitting a saw. When he bows, both Carter and Sadie think that the motion is reminiscent of a guillotine.

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