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Bone Steel is an enchanted metal used by Norse Gods and their offspring. It is made by having iron smelted with bones and quenched in blood to harden it. If forged correctly, it can cut down supernatural creatures, even giants and gods.

Thomas Jefferson Jr. holding his rifle, topped with his bone steel bayonet.

Known Bone Steel Items


  • Bone Steel is the Norse counterpart of Celestial Bronze, Imperial Gold, and Stygian Iron.
    • Unlike other mystical metals, bone Steel can be much more lethal to a certain type of creature as quoted by Blitz: "Of course, you have to quench the blade in blood to harden it, preferably the blood of whatever type of creature you want the sword to be most lethal against". It is unknown if this process and its effects work with other mystical metals.
  • Bone Steel has real-life origins. In real life, Vikings figured out that smelting iron with bone yielded a harder metal that maintained its sharpness better than regular iron. Because of the carbon content in bone, which is what gives steel its strength as an iron-carbon alloy, smelting iron with bone resulted in a form of primitive steel.
    • Vikings also believed that quenching weapons in the blood of animals, enemies, or in the case of the Skofnung Sword, berserker bodyguards, imbued the weapon with supernatural properties.
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