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Well, well, well. It’s good of you to join us, Oh family of the Gom Clan. You’ve interrupted the service, but I’m sure you have a very important reason for being tardy. Please, why don’t you find a seat while the punctual members of the congregation sit and wait.

–Bongjoon Pyo to the Oh family after they arrive late to services in The Last Fallen Star.

Bongjoon Pyo is the elder of the Samjogo Clan.

The Gifted Clans series

The Last Fallen Star

As the Oh family arrives late for services, he reprimands them for arriving late before announcing his granddaughter Mira is about to have her elemental affiliations revealed and presents her parents with the Gi bracelet when it is over. Before services finish up, he and the other elders announce the reopening of the library after a decade, a carnival approaching, and the warning that the banished clan has reached out to the temple.

Two days later he and the other elders oversee the initiation of Hattie Oh, which she passes, and watches in horror as she and her sister Riley perform a power sharing ritual. After Riley is revealed to be a Horangi, he desires for Okja and the Oh family to be excommunicated, but the other three elders veto his idea and instead they give them a choice to make by the end of the week, either all four are stripped off their magic and excommunicated or only Riley is banished. As Riley runs away, he grabs her and says her family will be monitored. After Hattie's initiation, he starts to act erratically. He insists on reporting attempted Horangi contact to the godrealm alone when all the elders usually do it together. He also stated to have a vision of Sora Kwon, the last Horangi elder before their excommunication, break into the temple, but the details changed whenever he tells it.

A few days later when he is in a meeting, the Ohs, Okja, Emmett Harrison, Sora, Austin, and Taeyo get in by hacking his calendar to make an appointment. When he sees them, he runs as they give chase. They corner him in his car as Sora, Austin, and Taeyo subdue him. Riley asks why he framed the Horangi. Bongjoon tells them Sookhee Harrison was behind everything before he comes to the realization that she was possessed by the Cave Bear Goddess as part of a plan for her and her sisters to destroy the artifacts, which are actually pieces of the dark moon and dark sun, to erase their sin so that they can enter the Mortalrealm and do what they please with humanity. After realizing the Cave Bear Goddess can possess members of the Gom, Riley asks if they can sever the clan's ties to her. Although hesitant at first, Okja reveals a spell exists and the ohs agree to it. Just then Areum arrives, landing on his head as he cowers under her, and says the Dokkaebi know where the artifact is. As they question where to even find a dokkaebi, He says one lives in the forty-fourth room on the forty-forth floor of the temple. They leave the elder behind as they head to the temple.


Bongjoon is a stickler for punctuality and reprimands anyone who is late for services in front of the entire congregation. He is very conservative in how the gifted community should be run.


  • Mystiokinesis: As a member of the Gifted Community, he can use magic.
    • Seeing: As a member of the Samjogo Clan, he can see the future as well as the past by touching an object.
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