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Bonita is a robot assistant to Gustavo Vidon and one of Gabi Real’s fathers.

Sal & Gabi Duology

Sal & Gabi Break the Universe

When Sal Vidon and Gabi Real arrive at the Coral Castle, she greets Gabi. As everyone eats ice cream, she gives hers to Gabi and explains that she is a robot, Sal does not believe this. She gets an emergency text and tells Gabi to go to the hospital as Iggy’s condition just worsened.

She helps out with preparing for the Everyman play.

Sal & Gabi Fix the Universe

After sending the Rememberation Machine being activated, she takes Gabi and Iggy to the Coral Castle, informing the Vodóns she is a few minutes away. Gabi has Bonita pretend to run into him and, realizing Gabi is trying to film his reaction and the act and that Bonita would not hurt him or the Reál children, he stands his ground and Bonita does not hit him. They say good morning to each other as Gabi is explains the device Iggy is in, the Security Sphere, hoping to make money off of it but she says all funds from it will go to a college fund for Iggy. Soon Sal's parents come out and greet the Reáls. After Sal inadvertently activates the disco function, she refuses to turn it off as Gabi had her phone. After things calm down they head inside and Iggy starts screaming. He soon stops and the others wondering what to do next, Sal suggests they wait until it happens again, which it does. Iggy stops when he exits the house and Bonita takes him to the hospital. Gabi tries to go as well, but she tells her to go to school.

The following day she and the other dads are outside when Gabi brings Sal, Yasmany, Aventura, and Lucy over to help with the play. After eating, the kids discuss their plan to retell the story as a more ethnically diverse play reflecting the various ethnicities of the student body. They go on to explain that the play will be held in different classrooms with different students playing the same part and need multiple costumes. The adults, except for her and Gustavo, agree to help and Gabi says she and Sal should scout out the school for rooms that will work for the play. Before they leave, Ms. Reál says a new dad is joining the family.

For parent-teacher night she, Reina, Iggy, and the rest of the dads dress as Lewis Carroll and praise Sal and Principal Torres for their hard work.


  • She has a license and is registered as a vehicle, being legally required to go in the streets by state law if she goes above twenty-five miles an hour.
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