The Book of Overcoming Set is a special spellbook written by the god Thoth that tells how to banish Set.


The Book of Overcoming Set was written thousands of years ago by the god Thoth to describe a way to defeat the god of evil Set. The book can only be read in Set's presence and requires a Feather of Truth and Set's Secret Name to work. The spell destroys Set's form in this world and banishes him deep into the Duat, deep enough to prevent his return for centuries. The last lines of the spell require absolute conviction and the book disappears after the spell is completed.

I name you Set, I name you Evil Day. You have been my enemy, and a curse on the land. Deserving no mercy, an enemy of Ma'at, you are exiled beyond the earth.

– Sadie reciting the incantation.

The Kane Chronicles

The Red Pyramid

In order to defeat Set, Bast suggests stealing this book from Chief Lector Michel Desjardins and using it against Set. Carter and Sadie are able to steal the book, but are unable to understand it even with Sadie's ability to understand hieroglyphs. At Nut's suggestion, they visit Thoth himself and after they pass a test, he tells them about the need for Set's secret name and a Feather of Truth. Sadie is able to get Anubis to give her a Feather of Truth and during the final battle with Set, the Zia Rashid shabti is able to give Sadie Set's secret name since the real Zia is hosting Set's wife Nephthys who knows the name.

After merging with Isis to become the Eye of Isis, Sadie teleports herself, Carter, Set, the Red Pyramid and Set's army through a portal to Washington, DC, cutting Set off from the source of his power. As Carter and Horus hold off Set, Sadie casts the spell which destroys the Red Pyramid and Set's army and surrounds him in white ropes as a rift opens into the Duat to banish him. However, Sadie realizes that Apophis is in the sky and has been manipulating the whole thing to escape his prison and breaks the spell to show Carter and Set Apophis and the fact that he's the true enemy, not Set. The two then make a deal with Set to fight Apophis with them instead of banishing him. After Sadie stops the spell, the book disappears.

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