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The Boreads with Phineas.

The Boreads are the immortal sons of the god Boreas, one of the four seasonal wind gods. There are only two known Boreads; Calais and Zethes. They are the demigod brothers of Khione.


They were Argonauts alongside the original Jason. They are best known for the fact that they were born with wings and could fly. During the quest for the Golden Fleece, they defeated the Harpies that plagued the blind demigod Phineas.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Lost Hero

Zethes is a hopeless romantic with a strong accent, while Calais is portrayed as dim-witted and not-very-bright hockey player, who cannot pronounce words with more than two syllables, with a love for pizza.  

The House of Hades

The Boreads, along with their sister Khione, attack the Argo II. The three are defeated when Piper McLean charmspeaks Festus to life.