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Boreas is the Greek god of the North Wind and Winter. He is also one of the four seasonal wind gods that work for Aeolus, the master of all winds. He settled down in Quebec City, Canada, the oldest settlement in the North. He's the only god that we know of who does not normally speak English in North America; he speaks French instead, as it is the sole official language of the province of Quebec. His Roman counterpart is Aquilon.


Boreas thrilling Orithyia

Boreas was known for his abduction of Orithyia, daughter of King Erechtheus of Athens. Boreas wooed Orithyia, but she declined many times and so he eventually decided to take her by force, covering her in a cloud and spiriting her away to his homeland of Thrace. There, he made her his immortal wife, and she bore him two daughters, Cleopatra and Khione, and twin sons, Calais and Zethes.

In a moral story about force versus persuasion, Boreas and Helios once competed to see who could strip a man's clothes off faster. Boreas tried his best to forcefully blow the young man's clothes away, but he simply gripped them tight and continued on his way. After giving up, Helios then released scorching rays of heat down upon him. The man took one garment off, then another, until he was completely undressed.

Boreas was closely associated with horses. He was said to have fathered twelve colts upon taking the form of a stallion and mating with a group of mares belonging to Erikhthonios, king of Athens; these colts were said to be able to run across a field of grain without trampling the plants.

Along with his brother, Zephyros, Boreas dwelt in the mountains of Thrace. Boreas' winds can be powerful and violent, causing great destruction.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Lost Hero

Boreas appeared at his palace when Jason Grace, Piper McLean, and Leo Valdez go to him for help (because he was the closest to Camp Half Blood). He is ordered to kill the heroes, due to Aeolus' command. But Boreas first agrees to hear what the heroes are setting out to do, which is when they tell Boreas that they are on a quest to save Hera. After Boreas saw Jason's tattoo, he changes into his Roman form, Aquilon. Boreas releases them out of amusement, thinking they are bound to die, and there is no need for him to kill them.

The House of Hades

Since the winter solstice he and his children have sided with the giants. Like most of the gods, his Greek and Roman halves are fighting for control.

The Blood of Olympus

During the Seven Heroes of Olympus' final battle with the giants in Athens, Zeus rode into battle on a huge golden chariot, with Boreas and his three brothers (in equine form) pulling it.



Boreas is described as being a sturdily built man. He wears a suit that appears to be made of snow, and has a pair of dark purple wings. Additionally, he is said to have long hair and a beard, both of which are covered in ice.


Boreas can change to his Roman form, Aquilon. Here he becomes more warlike and militaristic. As Aquilon, he is described as thinner, no beard, a gladius at his side, and a toga lined with purple. He still has purple wings.


  • It is presumed that he has the standard powers of a god.
  • Aerokinesis: As the God of the North Wind, Boreas has divine authority and absolute control over the air, though not as much as Aeolus or Zeus. His jurisdiction over this province enables him to access abilities such as:
    • Flight: Boreas is able to fly by riding air currents. He also can fly using his wings.
    • Wind Control/Generation: Boreas is able to generate and control wind.
    • Speed: Boreas is able to move at incredible speeds that are even faster than a god's teleportation.
  • Cryokinesis: As the God of Winter, he has divine authority over the cold, ice, and snow.
    • Boreas can freeze things.
    • He controls blizzards and snowstorms.
    • He can project jets of swirling ice and snow from his hands.
    • He can make icy winds blow something out of the air.
    • He can turn himself into anything associated with snow.
  • French: He is fluent in French since he is based in Quebec.
  • Seasons Alteration (Winter): As the god of Winter, it can be presumed that Boreas has some kind of control over the season and things associated with it.

Known Children


  • The Aurora borealis, otherwise known as the Northern Lights of Canada, was named for him and Aurora, that being the Roman name of his mother, Eos, as he is the god of the North Wind.
  • Hyperborean Giants and Hyperborean cyclopes are both named after him, as they both come from or live in the north (e.g. Canada, Alaska).
  • Boreas made his home in Quebec, Canada, and speaks one of his host country's languages, French.
  • His Egyptian equivalent is Qebui.
  • His Norse equivalent is Hod.
  • He is fond of the children of Aphrodite.

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