Bragi is the Norse God of poetry, music and scaldic arts.


Bragi is renowned for his wisdom, and above all for his ability with words. He knows most of the warmth, which after him are called bragr, and from his name is called bragr, who has an eloquence greater than the others. His wife is Iðunn.  He is also the adviser of Odin in Valhalla and is the one who welcomes the warriors who enter it.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Ship of the Dead

His mother mentions him when she is visited by Magnus Chase, Mallory Keen, and Samirah al-Abbas when they come to her cave for Kvasir's Mead.

Later, when Sumarbrander is angry that Magnus left him out of the Flyting, the son of Frey promises to find Bragi and have him write an epic on the sword.


  • The poem Sigrdrífumál, found in the Poetic Edda, describes Bragi as having runes carved on his tongue.
  • His Greek / Roman equivalent is Apollo.