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Don’t you know demons find it extraordinarily rude to be smacked in the face with heavenly light? It…reveals things.

–Aru Shah and the End of Time

Brahmasura (also spelled Bhasmasura; "BAHS-mah-soo-rah")[1] was a strong and powerful asura who had the power to turn anyone into ashes by touching their head.


To please Shiva, Brahmasura performed tough austerities for many years. Shiva was pleased with them and told him to ask for a boon. Brahmasura asked for the power to turn into ashes anyone whose head he touches, Although hesitating, Shiva granted him his boon.[2]

Brahmasura began misusing his powers for terrorizing people. Vishnu saw that people were in trouble, so he came to their rescue. He took the form of the beautiful enchantress, Mohini. When Brahmasura saw her he became enamored and wanted to marry her. Mohini said she would only marry him if he danced the same way that she did. As she danced away she then put her hand on her own head. Brahmasura was copying her dance steps and without thinking, he put his own right hand on his own head. Naturally, he had burned into a pile of ashes.[2]

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Pandava Quartet

Aru Shah and the End of Time

The Sprig of Youth, what Brahmasura unknowingly had in her hair

At the Beauty Salon, Brahmasura has been reincarnated as a female and identifies as Madame Bee Asura. Since some time, she has been trapping women in portraits to steal their beauty to maintain her illusion. She welcomes Aru and Mini as a head stylist, and the former is entranced by her and asks to cut her hair. Mini realizes that Madame Bee is lying. Using Dharma Raja’s mirror, they see through the enchantments and realize that the Madame is actually an Asura who is trapping them and has the first key on her head as a decoration without realizing its value. She reappears and tries to catch them, but Aru and Mini dodge out of the way. Mini turns the compact to the Asura, terrifying her with her own appearance.

Aru uses the compact and finds handprints of ash, concluding that Bee Asura is Brahmasura reincarnated. Brahmasura reveals her original appearance, while Aru convinces her that they have stolen the first key using an illusion. When Brahmasura sees through the plan, they switch on a blow dryer and make her hair flow around wildly. Mini thwacks her in the head and the asura touches her head and turns into ash.


Under illusion, Brahmasura looked like a woman that was beautiful in a way that a bolt of lightning shattering the sky was beautiful. She was slim and tall, with shiny black hair that was piled in soft curls on the top of her head. She wore red lipstick and had sharp teeth, her skin was a dusty shade of amber.

But in Dharma Raja’s mirror, Brahmasura's hair was coils of fire. Her teeth were really tusks curled up and out from thin black lips, her skin was pale and sickly white. In her hair, she wore a twig with tiny blue blossoms, the sprig of youth, but she didn't know it was that.


  • The moral of Brahmasura's story is never become egotistical, especially in front of God.
  • Brahmasura is so far the only reincarnated character in the Pandava Quartet to changed genders and not be related to the Pandavas


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