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The Break in of the Julia Drusilla Yachts is the mission Apollo and company performed to obtain Caligula’s Sandals.

The Trials of Apollo

The Burning Maze

Apollo decides they need Caligula‘s Sandals to recruit in order to find Herophile. He, Meg, and Piper choose to recruit Jason Grace for the mission. They drive to his boarding school and convince him to go to Santa Barbara with them.

They spend the day searching Stearns Wharf and find nothing, however as they are eating dinner a series of Super Yachts arrives with mortals going out to guard them. Thr four steam a dinghy and approach the central ship. They are spotted by two Pandai but they are quickly taken care of.

Once on bo they split into two teams, Apollo and Piper look for the shoes while Jason and Meg find Caligula. Piper and Apollo find the sandals and take them, but they are found by Incitatus and taken to the emperor.

In the throne room, Caligula already has Jason and Meg trapped in shrapnel filled vortexes controlled by Medea. He prepares to kill Apollo and make himself the new sun god when he learns that his Assault on Camp Jupiter has failed. Apollo takes the opportunity to threaten suicide if his friends are not released. He pulls out the Arrow of Dodona and plunges it into his chest. Caligula orders Medea to save Apollo, she begins to treat his wound and her concentration on the voroexe weakens. Jason uses this distraction to break free and attacks the opposing forces in the room. As he fights he warns the others to leave, when his back is turned Caligula stabs the son of Jupiter in the back. The others try to stay and help but they are carried away by Tempest.

Apollo, Meg, Piper and Crest, a pandai Apollo promised to teach music to in exchange for fighting on their side, end up at Piper’s house and Tempest brings Jason’s corpse shortly after. Piper thinks of ways to save him while the others know it’s to late. Soon Tristan McLean arrives and, assuming Jason died while surfing, stays with his daughter and tells the other to call an ambulance.

Once back at Aeithales they tell the others. Apollo stares at the sandals, wondering if the son of Jupiter’s sacrifice was in vein or not.