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Brer Fox was a character in the stories of Uncle Remus, a fictional narrator created by Joel Chandler Harris.


Brer Fox, along with Brer Bear, are depicted as the arch-enemies of Brer Rabbit. The two are always trying to catch and eat the rabbit who always outsmarts them, similar to how a slave would outsmart and escape his captors.[1]

Soon after the animals came to Earth, Brer Fox decided to eat widow Sister Goose, who was washing clothes, for supper. Brer Rabbit warned her pretending to go home, he told her to put her clothes in her bed and sleep in the rafters that night. Sister Goose did so but also asked Brer Dog to keep watch, so when Brer Fox grabbed the clothes, Brer Dog came out from under the porch and Brer Fox made a run for it. The next, news spread that Brer Fox tried to steal Sister Goose's laundry, he blamed Brer Dog for that and they became enemies ever since. Brer Fox wanted to get revenge on Brer Rabbit for that, but the rabbit convinced him to help carry a sleeping horse by tail his tail to the horse's to have for dinner. When that happened, Brer Rabbit kicked the horse awake who took Brer Fox for a ride! Brer Rabbit told him to hold the horse down but it kept kicking him.[2]

One of Brer Fox's particular attempts to catch and eat Brer Rabbit was when he created a baby doll made of tar and clothes, similar to Gum Baby. When Brer Rabbit came along to greet them, the tar baby did not respond. This caused Brer Rabbit to be offended by his lack of manners, eventually he got so mad he beat up the tar baby and got stuck. Brer Fox revealed himself and thought of ways to get rid of the rabbit. Brer Rabbit told the fox to do anything except throw him in a nearby thorny thicket. The sadistic Brer Fox did just that, but this turned out to be reverse psychology. Rabbits make their homes in thickets, so Brer Rabbit escaped.[3] When Miss Meadows heard of this incident, she was very impressed and laughed, Brer Fox was furious. He went to go get him, but Brer Rabbit faked an illness forcing Brer Fox to carry him on his back with a saddle and blind bridle. When they got to Miss Meadows, Brer Rabbit told her that Brer Fox was his family's riding pony.

Tristan Strong Trilogy

Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky

He goes with Ayanna and others to save Gum Baby and Tristan Strong from the Bone Ships in the Burning Sea. When they land, he takes his cloak off and Tristan freaks out when he sees a talking fox. After Tristan calms the two down, they pull the raft ashore and help the Midfolk. When Tristan says he fell through the sky, he tells the boy he will have to survive to get home, he then senses something. As they head to the Thicket they are attacked by Fetterlings and he sacrifices himself to save the others. He is later seen as a prisoner of Uncle C aboard the Maafa.

When Tristan boards the Maafa he takes to Tristan and translates the ship's works for the boy before he is possessed. He says his time is up and he enjoyed his story, ending with his sacrifice.

Tristan Strong Destroys the World

He is seen in a flashback playing with the children of Brer Bear. The rogue god mentions Fox’s death when revealing to Tristan why he blames firm for the iron monster attacks.


Brer Fox was as big as Ayanna, it was the biggest fox Tristan had ever seen. He has yellow eyes and stood on his hind legs. His muzzle is graying and one ear looks like it was chewed on by something.


In the original stories, Brer Fox is shown to be overly cruel and sadistic, always wanting to get revenge on what the animals did to him. His sadisticness also makes him very gullible, animals often take advantage of this trait in order to escape the fox. Though he was also known to be clever and prudent.

However, Brer Fox managed to become good overtime, even becoming friends with Brer Rabbit and becoming an honorary uncle to his children. He is shown to be critical of newcomers but willing to sacrifice himself to save his friends.


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