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You make your future, Zane

–Brooks talking to Zane in, The Storm Runner

Brooks is a main character in the Storm Runner series under Rick Riordan Presents. She is a half-Nawal, a shapeshifter. She is able to take the form is that of a giant hawk.


Early Life

Brooks was born as half-nawal, a shapeshifter. However, due to her mixed status, she was denied training to learn how to change shape. At one point her mother died and her father remarried.

Helping Quinn Escape and Making a Deal

Her sister, Quinn, was forced into an arranged marriage with Jordan and, under the tale of going out to buy a wedding dress, seeks help from Ixtab. She agrees to call off the marriage if Quinn agrees to escort souls for a few month. However, the goddess sees how powerful of a shapeshifter Quinn is and calls of the deal, keeping Quinn for herself. During an arranged meeting, Brooks makes a deal with Ixtab to bring her Ah-Puch. Ixtab agrees, but if she fails Brooks must serve her.

Storm Runner Trilogy

The Storm Runner

Brooks is on a mission to prevent Ah-Puch, the god of death, from escaping his imprisonment, it leads her right to Zane Obispo, the one destined to free him on the solar eclipse as Pacific foreshadowed in the Prophecy of Fire.

She first talks to him outside the office of Father Baumgarter. She later shows up at his house asking to speak. Due to Zane’s mother coming home and Hondo’s friends over she decides to come the following day. When Zane arrives home she tells him he is in danger and they agree to go to his backyard. However Rosie becomes aggressive and charges at Brooks. She turns into a hawk and perches in a nearby tree until Rosie calms down. She reverts to human form soon after. She tells Zane to come with her to the volcano and he follows. She reveals that she is a Nawal, a Mayan shapeshifter, and that Zane is the subject of a prophecy. She tells him of how Ah-Puch, the god of death and destruction, was imprisoned in an artifact after fighting the other gods. She also tells him he is destined to free the god of death. She reassures him that she only needs him to find the artifact. They hear a noise and soon find a Demon Runner. It stacks them after her flashlight dies. She scratches at its eyes when Rosie bites its neck. After Zane kills the Demon Runner and Rosie dies, she leads Zane out of the volcano and vanishes soon after, but not before realizing he is supernatural.

When Zane and his mother are attacked by an Alux, she arrives and rips the demon of his mother. She snaps its neck and returns to the Obispos. Zane’s mother offers her to stay with them and she accepts. They talk after dinner about what might have sent the alux after him and become determined not to let him out.

The next day she follows Zane to the volcano and helps him get demon runner venom out of his body. She says that it is not Rosie but the call. She tells him about her life and why she wants to stop Ah-Puch to prove herself to other nawals. They find a hidden chamber with a pool on the floor and demon runners on the ceiling. They wake up and Zane grabs her hand and, despite her not knowing how to swim, plunges into the water. Just as they reach the end of the underwater cave, a demon runner grabs her and drags her under the water. Zane frees and tries to revive her to no avail. Ah-Puch promises to save Brooks if he is set free. She lays unconscious as Zane made a deal with Ah-Puch. She ends up in Zane’s bedroom and, after hearing each other’s thoughts, she realizes that Zane‘s father is a Mayan god. She later learns, much to her shock, that Zane made a deal with Ah-Puch and is now bound to serve him. Hondo tells them a giant chicken is pecking at the front door and they follow it to Ms. Cab’s house. She catches Hondo when he faints. After Mr. Ortiz shows up they realize the chicken is Ms. Cab. She is wary of Brooks and after she looks at the map, she decides to go with Zane and Hondo to find the portal. She reads the getaway map and finds a portal in Venice Beach, California. They realize Ah-Puch is after the hero twins. She says not to as they are arrogant but Zane and Hondo think this is the best option. She reluctantly agrees and says their Birthday is the following day and she has an invitation.

She tells Hondo to take I-10 to Tucson. She is woken up by Zane later that night and realizes Honda missed the turn. They stop at a fast food restaurant in Yuma and as they finish they see demons enter the restaurant. They head for the truck and see that the demons are themselves and demand her. She is taken captive by her double with five more coming to mimic her and her captor. She snaps at Zane and he and Honda take care of the demons. When they hit the road, she says she lost her powers. Zane asks her to explain but she refuses and goes to bed. The next morning they make it to San Diego. Zane tries to wake her with little success. They head out soon after and reach Venice Beach. She pulls Zane away from a tarot card reader who knows about the prophecy of fire and takes him and Hondo to see her friend Jazz. They arrive at his shop and he is happy to see her. When she says she wants to meet with the hero twins he is shocked. After they save him from low blood sugar she scolds him for not keeping up with it. She gets nervous when he questions Zane about his species. After Zane passes out they take him upstairs to Jazz’s apartment. She knows he spirit jumped and asks him why. Before he could respond Jazz gives Zane hot chocolate that can only be consumed by the supernatural and he calls him out for being one. She quickly says Zane is a magician and he believes this. Jazz gives them formal wear to hide their physical flows, much to her displeasure. He also gives them his fastest scooter and they head to the twins. They zoom to the Beverly Hills Hotel and narrowly escape the police. She brings them to the third floor. Zane asks her why she hates the twins and she says they tricked her while playing one of their games, something they must do to get the information they need to stop Ah-Puch.

Brooks forgets her tickets but manages to get them all in. She explains that the twins will accept things such as talent and dreams as payment. One of the twins comes over and says hello. The twin, Jordan, reveals that he is forcing her sister to marry him. He takes them to see Bird and the two skirt around the subject. After Zane gets them to agree to a game, she insists all three of them plan against the twins, they agree. After losing a coin toss they head to the court. Along the way she notices Hindo is looking sickly and she is shocked to learn he ate their food, which is poisonous to humans and tells him the symptoms. She says that his enchanted clothing will keep him alive. She explains the rules and soon calls for a timeout. Moments later Ah-Puch and Muwan arrive. When they leave with the twins she helps Zane with Hondo, the pair struggle until Jazz arrives and helps them. She and the others jump onto an aircraft manned by Flanco. She enjoys the ride until Jazz tells her to jump. She clings onto Zane until they reach Jazz’s boat. Despite the twins capture, she is glad of it. She is surprised when Jazz tells them he put cameras in their clothes but relaxes when he tells her and Zane they do not have audio.

After Jazz goes below deck, she tells Zane her story, how she agreed to bring Ixtab Ah-Puch in exchange for her sister’s freedom. She apologizes to Zane and blushes after he compliments her freckles. She falls asleep soon after. When she wakes up Zane informs her that K’ukumatz came to him to say he will shave a few hours off their trip. Brooks becomes exited then upset because Zane did not wake her for the creator god’s arrival and failed to get his autograph.

Jazz wakes her up and tells her and Zane to give him something of theirs to open the gate to the Old World. She gives him one of her boots. The gateway opens but the walls start to close in around them. Jazz pulls her to the raft but she refuses to leave without Zane. He hands her his jaguar jade, but she drops it. She and the others jump back on the boat and bandage up Zane’s injured hand and she nearly cries. When they hit land and Jazz realizes Zane released Ah-Puch, she tells the giant he did it to save her. They then set out to find the lighting striker to train Zane. The group makes their way to an old meeting ground of the five most important Mayan gods and goddesses. They make camp soon after.

Brooks returns in the boat to find the jade and succeeds. When she returns finds Zane with her sister. When Ah-Puch arrives he covers the sisters in hands of smoke. They are freed when Ixtab arrives. Soon Jazz, Hondo, and the Sparkstriker’s orphan soldiers arrive and they take on both sets of demons. She regains her shapeshifting when Ixtab is knocked out by her sister. When the other gods arrive she and Quinn help Jazz and Hondo get away from them before the fight.

After Zane defeated Ah-Puch, Brooks and the others return to Jazz’s shop, which he closes down to start his own technology company. She later meets up with Zane and is greeted by the godborn and Rosie, now a Hellhound. Zane tells her he is going to free his father and she tells him to wait. He also tells Brooks she will have to learn to swim, much to her horror. As Zane and Rosie play in the water, she flies off.

The Fire Keeper

Since defeating Ah-Puch, Brooks has moved in with the Obispo family, living in the castia, detached suite, in the courtyard, as Mrs. Obispo feels she needs more privacy.

Months after Zane stopped Ah-Puch, she and the son of Hurakan are canoeing through a tunnel inland in Isla Holbox. Jazz send an informant to meet with them to give them information about the current status of Hurakan. They emerge into a rainstorm and she turns into a giant hawk and Zane grabs her talons. They reach the meeting point and see the bird carrying the message coconut when Rosie arrives and tries to eat it, as the bird flies away, she and Zane chase after it, trying to calm it down as Rosie atttacks. As the bird leaves the boundaries of Isla Holbox, the coconut falls into the waters of the Caribbean Sea and she hits the force feild around the island. They catch the coconut and return home to open it. They learn that Hurakan is being held at WaTiki Indoor water park Resort in Rapid City |Rapid City, South Dakota until March 24th, four days from then. Brooks thinks they should go and, when Rosie returns, she searches for a weak point in the barrier. Brooks finds one but it closes as soon as she tears a hole in it. She returns and she and Zane decide to set out in the morning before Hondo calls them to dinner.

Later that night she helps Zane and Rosie fend off the shadow creatures. They vanish when Ren Santiago wakes up and she explains that the shadows take the form of whatever she is dreaming about at times. Brooks is angry and confused about the new godborn and reluctantly let’s Ren stay with her when Zane says her arrival does not change their plans.

Zane wakes her up at 9:30 and she quickly gets ready before noticing Ren is gone. Zane says she is with Ms. Cab and that they need to make sure she was not followed. Brooks brushes it off and tells him to have Rosie burn down the barrier, but Zane turns it down and she suggests using the jade. Later she and Rosie rush to Ms. Cab’s castia to find Zane in distress and she orders Rosie to incinerate the Nik’wachinel. She is revealed to by a Mud Person and they find the real Ms. Cab, and Ren, tied up in the kitchen. As they brainstorm on what it was after they realize someone knows Zane is alive and she destroys what is left of the mud person. She, Ren and Rosie follow Zane as he suggests they use The Beast to get to Xib’alb’a. She is against it but reluctantly admits it is there best option. When Ren mentions that Zane described her in a dress, she becomes curious and thinks of reading the book. Soon Hondo arrives and reveals he knows about Ren being a godborn asks to join them. They agree and head out.

As they head to the beast she urges Zane to tell his mom about their quest and he reluctantly writes her a note. They then reach and enter the beast and then find a snowy landscape and all but Ren go inside. Soon the ice starts to crack and she realizes Zane is cracking it. After Hondo accidentally triggers Rosie, they fall through the ice and end up in an icy tornado. She saves Zane and Hondo and the group ended up in an icy cavern filled with eyes. Ren soon arrives via elevator and Brooks agrees to follow her. Soon Quinn arrives and asks what they are doing in Xib’alb’a, Brooks hugs her sister and Quinn reluctantly agrees to help them in exchange for the Gateway Map. The two catch up as Quinn takes them to Clementino, who chooses what is salvaged and what is destroyed in Xib’alb’a, for sanitizing and new clothes to hide their human sent in the underworld. They are given old fast food employee uniforms and white sneakers before setting out.

They reach a canyon filled with toxic gas and Quinn tells them not to breathe or make a sound. The two nawals transform into giant birds and fly the others across. She takes Ren while her sister takes Zane and Hondo. Halfway across Hondo draws the attention of winged Demon Runners and the sisters take evasive maneuvers and head to a mountain range. They then end up in another section of Xib’alb’a and Quinn tells her Ixtab knows they are there and has them meet with her. The goddess asks why they are there and watches as she scolds Zane for inadvertently making godborns visible to gods. When Ixtab asks to speak with Zane alone, she refuses to leave until her sister tells her something. She then reluctantly leaves.

An hour later Zane returns along with Itzel with their new armor like clothing. She receives green leggings, a white t-shirt, and a shiny black bomber jacket. After they change Zane tells her about Ixtab’s plan to temporarily kill him to save the godborns and she is against it due to the risk of permanent death. Due to her dwindling powers, she would prefer facing off against the three demons guarding his father rather then what ever is guarding the godborns. Zane then decides to go to The Empty to speak with Hurakan. After realizing they can learn where he will be next, she agrees to watch over his body. When Zane returns they have a telepathic conversation ab what happened in The Empty and that he agrees to Ixtab’s deal. They meet up with Hondo and Ren and inform them of The Empty and Ixtab’s offer as they set out to find the Queen of Xib’alb’a. Zane saves her from a flaming arrow, forgetting about their armor like clothing, and she realizes his powers work best under stress. When zane finalizes his deal with Ixtab she tries to talk him out of it one last time but fails. The goddess leaves Quinn in charge of Zane‘s Death Ceremony and they set out. When her sister tells them to jump into a waterfall, she hesitates and jumps with Zane.

They group ends up at a wedding in San Miguel de Allende and her sister explains that despite spending ten hours in Xib’alb’a, only two hours have passed in the land of the living. The group walk through a church to El Grito, the home of a man named Fausto who will perform Zane’s death ceremony. They enter the property and are greeted by Fausto. As Zane picks a mask and readys for the death ceremony, she gives him a worried look. After the ceremony is completed she and the others stare at Zane in shock and spend the night with Fausto. Later that night Zane sneaks into her room to look at the Gateway Map and sees Brooks sleeping and leaves her a note. She wakes up at dawn and finds Zane, Ren, and Rosie with Ah-Puch, much to her astonishment and anger. She watches in shock as they jump through a gateway.

She and Hondo look threw his internet history and find he is head to The Beast replica in New Mexico. the two head their but they are ambushed and taken prisoner of the twins. She and Hondo are held in cages at a facility by Jordan and Bird where her leg is injured. Whenever Zane touches the bars on his cage, toxic gas filled their cages. Zane frees her but she is to weak to revert back to human form. As they make their escape one of the godborns throws a hammer at Camazotz, waking him up. After Ah-Puch joins Camazotz and explain’s the twins plans to use Hurakan and the godborns to resurrect the Mexica Gods and creative a world where they are in charge, she is given to a freed godborn to hide as Zane, Rosie, and Hondo fight off the bats. However Camazotz somehow takes her hostage, calling her a half-nawal and threatening to kill her. Zane saves her and Hondo carries her. As they exit the gateway Zane goes up to her and talks with her, however she snatches the gateway map and flies away.

She searches for a gateway to Xib’alb’a, and returns for Zane as a large hawk, but he convinces her to turn back to fight the twins, who can take bat forms due to allying themselves with Camazotz, but their mother Ixkik’ tells them to flee and they do. The gods see them and catch them in a net. They try to explain but the gods won’t let them until they see Ah-Puch and the godborns and continue in Xib’alb’a. She and the others wait outside as Zane explains everything to the gods and, when he leaves, try's to ease drop on the gods. Quinn greets her when she returns to Isla Holbox and the sisters join the Obispos and Santiagos for pizza.

Later that night she reads Zane’s book on the beach and the son of Hurakan sees her. She tells him that the message from the ancestors referred to the Mexica Gods rather then the Mayan Gods and that she is leaving to care for her sick father. As she and Zane are about to kiss, Rosie interrupts wanting to play fetch and Zane throws a fireball over the Caribbean Sea, before flying off she tells Zane his cheek is on fire.


Screenshot 2018-10-10 at 3.01.33 PM

One of her hawk feathers

Brooks appears as a teenager with tan skin and brown hair, and a few freckles on her nose. She had amber eyes that changed to chocolate brown when she was scared. She wears combat boots, a hoodie with a hawk on it, and black leggings or jeans.

With the enchantment on, Brooks was wearing a white one-shouldered dress with gold sandals laced up to the shins. She had her hair out of her face, held back by perfectly done braids.


Brooks is a fierce and determined warrior, and will do whatever it takes to get the job done.[1] She is a caring friend and does everything she can to keep them safe.


  • Shapeshifting: As a nawal, Brooks is capable of changing into any animal she wants, although due to her mixed heritage, she can only turn into a hawk. However she can control the size of the hawk, ranging from normal size to large enough to carry a person on her back.



Not much is known about Brooks’ relationship with her deceased mother.

Not much is known about Brooks’ relationship with her father accept that she considers him dead to her.

However in The Fire Keeper, she and Quinn go to their father, who is sick, to tend to him. This shows some compassion towards her father.

The only family member she does not hate, Brooks greatly loves her sister and was willing to do anything for her, going so far as to form a deal with Ixtab.


VISDEV-2872 readriordan zane.1200

Zane Obispo, her friend.

At first, Brooks was only using Zane to find Ah-Puch to and save her sister, but during their quest to stop Ah-puch, the two grew close and formed a friendship.

During the seven months on Isla Holbox between first meeting and going to save the creator god, the two spent a lot of time together and the son of Hurakan nearly kissed her during a bonfire.

When she saw him and Ren leave with Ah-Puch, she becomes heartbroken and understands why he did so. After Hurakan is rescued, she learns her father is sick and reluctantly leaves to help him. Before she flys off the two almost kiss for a second time, but are interrupted by Rosie.


Hondo Obispo, her friend.

Despite knowing him for less then a year, Brooks sees Hondo as a close ally and trusts him. When he was poisoned at the hero twin’s party, she became concerned for his well being.

After Zane goes off with Ah-Puch, the two search his internet history and head out to the Obiepo’s hometown meet up with him, showing her trust in the human.

Brooks is close with Jazz, he cares for her well being and happiness and she makes sure he keeps his diabetes in check.

Hellhound RR

Rosie, Zane’s dog.

At first, Brooks was afraid of Rosie due to the then boxmation barking at her when ever she was at the Obispo household.

However within half a year the two grew close to one another with the hellhound seeing her as a friend rather than a threat to Zane.


Ren Santiago, her friend.

At first, Brooks saw the daughter of Pacific’s arrival as a bad omen and was annoyed by her questions, she also felt that Ren’s absence seizures could cause a problem during their quest.

However, by the end of the quest Brooks saw Ren as a valuable alley.


  • Brooks is derived from an old English surname meaning “dweller by the brook”.


  • At first Brooks could not swim, however she has learned by the time of The Fire Keeper. She is still afraid of water however.
  • She smells like rain.
  • Her favorite color is black.
  • Brooks does not like cartomancy or anything related to fortune-telling, she believes that people should make their own destiny.


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