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Brynne Tvarika Lakshmi Balamuralikrishna Rao is the Pandava sister of Aru Shah and Mini. She is the reincarnation of Bhima.

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Pandava Quartet

Brynne Rao was born to an Asura and a Mortal. She had two uncles who were her mother's brothers but never met her dad. Her mother, Anila, said he was a musician but she didn't visit her daughter often.

Aru Shah and the End of Time

Aru Shah, her spiritual sister

One Autumn day, Brynne Rao saw a car heading straight for one of her uncles and pushed it out of the way. The second she did it, she felt wind rushing through her blood. Her uncles told her that the soul of Bhima, the second eldest of the Pandavas, has awoken in her. They thought she was going to be summoned to go on the quest to stop the Sleeper but no one came to get her. About a couple weeks later, she found a glowing golden bow and arrow on the sidewalk. Unknown to her, it actually belonged to the god of love, Kamadeva.[1]

Brynne was seen turning into a wolf carrying the bow and arrow. She turns back into her human form, sniffs the air, then turns into a bird and flies away. She was witnessed by Aru Shah and Mini who surprised the find out from Boo that she was their sister.

Aru Shah and the Song of Death

Brynne Rao appeared as a wolf in the Night Bazaar. She ran towards the stadium while Aru and Mini gave chased. Once she got there, Brynne ran into the true thief of the bow and arrow who took the form of Aru Shah. She tried to fight the thief by turning into a blue jaguar but she was thrown against the wall. Aru and Mini stepped in and Fake Aru fled with the bow and arrow, and they were summoned to the gods and given a quest to go retrieve the bow and arrow in ten days their Pandavas spirit will go dormant. They found out Boo couldn't go with them, but Aiden came along instead. They seem to know each other very well, and they left to Brynne's house, which she calls a penthouse.

Aru Shah and the Tree of Wishes

Brynne goes on a quest to find the tree of wishes

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Brynne Rao had chestnut skin, brown hair with gold highlights and hazel eyes. She was also ridiculously tall, and she had long limbs that were thick and sturdy and covered in metal bracelets.

Abilities and Tools

  • Enhanced Strength: As the reincarnation of Bhima, she is far stronger than a normal person. She can easily lift and carry people her size and stop a moving car in its tracks.
  • Internal Compass: As daughter of the god of wind, she always knows what direction she is facing. She also knows how to find her way to places.
  • Pandava Mind Link: She can communicate telepathically with other pandavas. While she initially did not let the others in, she ended up forging a relationship with her siblings and allowed them to communicate with her.
  • Shapeshifting: With her Asura blood, she can transform into blue forms of animals.
    • Bird: She can turn into a small bird to fly away. She used this form while trying look for the owner of the bow and arrow of Kamadeva.
    • Elephant: She can turn into a blue elephant to charge large enemies.
    • Jaguar: She can transform into a jaguar to attack enemies.
    • Swan: She can turn into a swan to fly away. She used this form while trying to distract Kamadeva's guard swan.
    • Wolf: She can turn into a giant wolf capable of carrying a bow and arrows in her mouth. This is the form her siblings first saw her in.
  • Super Eating: Similar to Bhima, she has what has been referred to as an “iron gullet.” She is capable of eating an excessive amount of food, far more than the normal human can handle. She can even keep up with the god Agni for quite some time, whose hunger is said to be near insatiable. Even after being full enough to throw up, she quickly rebounds in a few minutes and asks for more food.

Her wind mace

  • Mace of Vayu: Brynne wields the celestial mace of Vayu, god of wind and her spiritual father, in battle. With it, she is able to manipulate wind currents. It take the form of a blue choker when not in use.
    • Fire Generation: From Agni, her mace was enchanted to be able to create flames. We have not seen much of her using this ability yet...
    • Wind Manipulation: The main ability of her mace, she is can generate wind currents capable of throwing people far enough into the air that people below look like ants. She can also manipulate air currently existing air currents. She uses her mace to blow enemies and objects away. While underwater, the mace creates bubbles instead.


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