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So if you light the lamp, the world ends?

–Aru Shah and the End of Time

Burton Prater is a classmate of Aru Shah.

Pandava Quintet

Aru Shah and the End of Time

Aru Shah, who lights the diya after Burton's bet.

Burton Prater is cheated by Aru Shah, who trades a "vintage" penny with him for two bucks and a Twizzlers bar. So he, along with Poppy Lopez and Arielle Reddy arrive at the museum to meet Aru. He suspects her lying when she says her mother is in France. When he poked at the trident of a statue of Lord Shiva, Aru told him there are cameras and her mother will tell the government of India and will come after him, he believes that. He thought the name "Kurukshetra" was weird, and scoffed at the claim that Shiva will causing the end of time with a dance. Burton records Aru on camera, which compels her to show him the cursed diya - the existence of which she had been truthful about. He said he'd won't post the video if she told the truth and gave each of them $10.

But Aru lights the diya, and Burton Prater is frozen in time while Aru and her spiritual sister, Mini attempt to defeat the Sleeper. When he was no longer frozen, Poppy, Burton, and Arielle prepare to show his video to the whole school. But while he was taping, Aru said things they had lied about into the camera that she learned about from a pen given by Chitragupta. It reveals that on October 2nd, a Tuesday, Burton ate his boogers, then handed Arielle a chocolate chip cookie that he had dropped on the ground without washing it or his hands, this made Arielle look like she was going to vomit. Burton decides to delete the video, and Aru gives him the paper containing their secrets. He and the other two leave, Burton wishes Aru a nice weekend, but Poppy smacked him a called him a suck-up for that.


Burton Prater is short and pale, and wears a striped black-and-yellow shirt that makes him look like an "unfortunate bumblebee".

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