The campfire is where all the campers at Camp Half-Blood gather around, near 9:00p.m., to sing campfire songs, before reporting to their respective parent's cabins. The campfire is known to change colors depending on the campers' moods. The Apollo Cabin mainly leads campfire songs such as one song mentioned where they sing how their grandmother dresses for war, and another pointing at different body parts for the different pieces of armor. The campers also sacrifice a portion of their food into the fire for their parents, the Greek gods. The campers sing songs like 'This Land is Minos's Land,' 'I Am My Own Great-Great-Great-Great Grandpa,' and 'Down By the Aegean.'

Magical Properties

The campfire has some magical properties. The height and the color of the flames depends on the general mood of the campers. If the campers feel really excited or happy the campfire will rise over twenty feet high and turn golden, but if the campers feel grim, upset, or anxious the flames will turn into a deep shade of purple or black.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Lightning Thief


Hestia, who sometimes tends to the campfire.

When Percy Jackson first arrived at Camp Half-Blood when he is at the campfire, he sees a little girl (The Goddess, Hestia) tending the fire but nobody notices her. When Percy returned from his quest, the Ares' Cabin showed him a burial shroud they had made for him in the event that he died. The Athena Cabin had made one for Annabeth too, and Percy commented that it was a shame she could not be buried in it, because it was so beautiful. However, because he made it back safely they burned it in the campfire. Percy and the other campers passed around s'mores while the Apollo campers lead the sing-along.

The Sea of Monsters

After winning the chariot race, Clarisse La Rue is awarded a golden laurel at the campfire which raises everyone's spirits and in turn caused the flame to grow. When Percy told everyone he knew of a way to save the camp, everyone was quiet, but the flame showed that they were all interested. Tantalus tried to convince the campers that the camp didn't need saving but he failed in doing so. However, Tantalus gave the quest to Clarisse instead of Percy, which a lot of campers thought was unfair and the campfire greatly diminished as people started leaving.

The Battle of the Labyrinth

When Percy goes missing for two weeks because he is on Ogygia, everyone at camp assumes he is dead. Annabeth is burning his burial shroud in the campfire, while Percy watches from the back of the amphitheater.

The Last Olympian

After the campers burn Charles Beckendorf's shroud, Percy Jackson stays and watches the flames. He notes that the fire is burning black. This signifies that the campers moods are at their lowest point ever throughout the series.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Lost Hero

During the campfire Rachel Elizabeth Dare talks about the Prophecy of Seven and begins repeating it when Jason Grace interrupts her and finishes it in Latin. Rachel also says that she feels that some of those in the prophecy are there tonight and is taken over by the spirit of the Oracle and gives another prophecy for a quest. Drew Tanaka charmspeaks everyone at the campfire to convince the campers that she should be on the Quest for Hera, but she is outspoken by Piper McLean who can also charmspeak. Later, Jason proved himself to be a son of Zeus by summoning a lightning bolt to hit the campfire, putting it out.


The Lightning Thief

Hades takes form in the fire and demands to see Percy Jackson. When he is refused he begins attacking the campers and tells Percy that he has his mother. He demands for the Master Bolt in exchange for her. That's when Percy reconsiders and comes forward.


  • Black/purple: When the campers are feeling sad or mourning someone.
  • Gold: When the campers are very happy, or excited.


  • "This Land is Minos's Land"
  • "Down By the Aegean"
  • "I Am My Own Great-Great-Great-Great Grandpa"



  • There were only two known times the campfire was a deep shade of purple: when Tantalus was in charge instead of Chiron and in The Lost Hero when Chiron was talking about Percy's disappearance.
  • The campfire has shown to be black only once, in The Last Olympian, after Beckendorf's death.
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