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Carriers were copper men with a black box, who attacked Carter and Sadie Kane. They would, as Bast said, "[…] capture you, beat you senseless, throw you in [the sedan] and carry you back to their master.” They never lose their prey, and never give up.

The Kane Chronicles

The Red Pyramid

Four carriers jog after the Kanes and Bast, who are in a silver Lexus convertible after destroying Brooklyn House. As Bast tries to flee to a location that they can summon a portal, she sets the cats of New York on the carriers, overwhelming them briefly and buying the Kanes and Bast some time. Eventually, the carriers catch up with the group as Sadie Kane struggles to open a portal. Bast forms a combat avatar to battle the carriers, but they quickly reform each time she destroys them. Carter Kane chooses to help Bast and is ordered to slice them into smaller pieces. After each carrier is sliced up or crushed by Bast, Carter further slices them up with his khopesh, until finally the carriers are sliced into tiny pieces of clay, destroying them. With the carriers gone, Bast destroys their sedan. However, Serqet arrives soon afterwards to continue the attack with an army of scorpions.


  • The carriers have a black box called a 'sedan'.
  • The sedan seemed to be based off of Set's entombing of Osiris.
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  • The carriers are the first monsters that Carter Kane destroyed, albeit while finishing them off for Bast.