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The Caucasian Eagle was a gigantic eagle sent and child of Echidna and Typhon.


Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes

As punishment for stealing fire from the gods, Prometheus was chained to a peak of the Kaukasos Mountains. The Caucasian Eagle was then sent by Zeus to feed upon his liver, which was ever-regenerating due to him being a Titan. The monster was eventually defeated by Hercules with a bow and arrow, after convincing his father that the titan's punishment was complete.

The Last Olympian

Prometheus, the victim of the Eagle's attacks

Prometheus explains how he was tortured for giving people fire by the gods.


  • The punishments is often confused with Tityos' punishment, which was identical but performed in the Underworld, and by vultures instead of an Eagle. In, Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes, Percy Jackson joked that Prometheus filed a copyright infringment suit against Tityos.
  • Some myths state it was an automaton rather than a spawn of Echidna, though it is possible that an automaton was simply built to pay tribute to the monster.
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