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Let this be a lesson to all of you. Never start a job you can't finish.

–Cave Bear Goddess to Riley in The Last Fallen Star.

The Cave Bear Goddess, or Ungnyeo, is the patron goddess of the Gom clan of healers.


Originally, Ungnyeo was a mortal bear who desperately wanted to be reborn in Mago Halmi's image. She prayed for her wish to be heard and the mother of all creation gave her a challenge. She was to survive one hundred days in a cave with only a bundle of mugwort and garlic to eat. However, Ungnyeo was so devoted, Mago Halmi made her into a beautiful goddess on the twenty-first day.[1][2]

Long ago, Cave Bear Goddess and her sisters had the dark sun and moon destroyed. Mago Halmi, disappointed in their vanity, forbid them from crossing over to the Mortalrealm.

In some point in time, her descendants developed the Gom clan. The witches decided to do this, that way they would be able to do the will of the goddesses on earth.

At one point, she manipulated and possessed the elder of the Los Angeles branch of her clan, Sookhee Harrison, into destroying the artifacts made from the shards of the dark star and moon so that she and her sisters could walk the earth. However their plan failed and they placed the blame on the Horangi clan.

The Gifted Clans series

The Last Fallen Star

Riley, Hattie, and Emmett accidentally summon Cave Bear Goddess, instead of Mago Halmi. After Hattie overexerted herself while doing the summoning spell, Riley pleads with her to save Hattie. In return, the goddess charges her with the task to hunt down the Last Fallen Star and bring it back to her. She takes Hattie but leaves her heart in a vial.

Later, after Riley learns that the Cave Bear Goddess was the true traitor, she greets her in the Gi Sanctuary of the Temple of the Gifted Community and congratulates the girl on her deed before requesting the star. Riley requests her sister and she obliges.

As Hattie starts to spasm before speaking in the voice of Sookhee Harrison, she walks around the Sanctuary. After Sookhee goes to the afterlife, Riley berates the goddess for not returning Hattie, she responds that, as she and the other goddesses are the daughters of Mago Halmi, all others are beneath them. Okra then starts the spell to sever the goddess from a Gom, binding the two with thread. Riley goes to cut off threads, but fails to do so as she realizes to late that the compass is not the star. As the Cave Bear Goddess berates Riley for betraying her, Riley says she is powerless in the Mortalrealm without a host. Just then the goddess tries to possess Okja. The others try to stop her but they fail. The others try to restrain her to no success, however they temporarily gain the upper hand when Cosette Chung, Jennie Byun, Noah Noh, and David Kim arrive. She is momentarily confused when Cosette creates an illusion of her and David and Jennie douse her with immobilization potion. She is restrained by breaks free when the effects of the potion wear off. After Riley announces she is the last fallen star, the goddess goes to destroy her, but the girl destroys her statue in the Gi Sanctuary, expelling her from Okja's body and the mortalrealm.


The Cave Bear Goddess is described to be a middle-aged woman with frizzy hair. She has a dated-looking vest and an apron with a picture of Winnie the Pooh. The Cave Bear Goddess is said to have a soft and kindly face. Riley notes she smells like mothballs.


The Cave Bear goddess seems to be a benevolent deity. She was revered by the Gom clan, and was a well-respected figure among the Gifted Community. Riley described her as a kindly figure.

However, in reality, the goddess is shrewd and evil. She possessed an innocent and killed many people. The Cave Bear Goddess has no care for humans and witches. Cave Bear Goddess is also shown to be selfishly vain like the rest of the goddesses.


  • In another version of her origin story, a tiger was with Ungnyeo in the cave. Though the tiger left the cave after about twenty days.[3]


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