The Cave of the Oracle is a large chamber where the Oracle of Delphi resides at Camp Half-Blood. The current Oracle is Rachel Elizabeth Dare. She paints the visions which she receives in her dreams over the walls of the cave for a better understanding of the prophecies.


Outside the cave, there are two torches with a velvet curtain covering the entire cave, thereby granting privacy to the person inside, embroidered with snakes. Bones and old swords littered the ground. The cave has massive sofas and throw pillows.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Last Olympian

The cavern was constructed after Apollo, the god of prophecy told Chiron that Rachel, who is the new oracle of Delphi, should have a better place to live in other than a dusty attic, referring to the old oracle.

The Trials of Apollo

The Hidden Oracle

After she lost her ability to speak prophecies when Python took over the original Oracle of Delphi situated in Ancient Greece, she painted over the paintings with white, thinking that it would help her concentrate and receive prophecies, but to no avail.

History of Oracle caves

It was common practice for the priest or priestesses in Ancient Greece and Rome to reside in a cavern, such as the Cave of Trophonius situated at the Oracle of Trophonius.

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