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A Centurion is one of two leaders of a single cohort at Camp Jupiter.

Frank Zhang, a former Centurion of the Fifth Cohort

Historically, Centurion (centurio in Latin) was a professional officer (one of the Ordinarii) in the Roman army. Most centurions commanded eighty men (a Century) despite the commonly assumed one hundred, but senior centurions (the Centurio Primus Pilus for example) commanded cohorts, or took senior staff roles in their legion.

They are the Roman equivalent of Head Counselors at Camp Half-Blood and are able to act as senators.


Centurions had to be literate, have connections (letters of recommendation), and have had risen through the ranks, seeing several years of service first.

In Camp Jupiter, Centurions had to have at least five years of service and have been on a quest to qualify.

Known Centurions

First Cohort

Second Cohort

Third Cohort

Fourth Cohort

Fifth Cohort

Cohort Unknown

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Second Cohort: Larry | Ida | Carl | Reza | Lynda
Third Cohort: Hank
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Fifth Cohort: Dakota | Gwendolyn | Bobby | Jacob | Michael Varus | Jason Grace | Bryce Lawrence | Frank Zhang | Hazel Levesque | Percy Jackson | Lavinia Asimov | Thomas