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The following article/section is from the Storm Runner/Shadow Bruja continuity under Rick Riordan Presents and not the Riordanverse canon.

Chaac ("CHAHK") is the Mayan god of rain, thunder and lightning.


Chaac uses a lightning axe to strike the clouds and produce thunder and rain. According to one myth, he defeated his evil adoptive parents with his brother, Kinich Ahau, the god of the sun. But then he committed adultery with his sister-in-law and is punished, his tears of regret became the very first rain.[2]

Chaac was honored in three months of the Haab' calendar. In the month of Tzec, the bee keeper festival occurs and offering plates with the rims covered in honey and given to the rain god. In the month of Yax, ceremonies honored the god while temples were renovated or repaired as needed. In the month of Mac, elders of the community led ceremonies that honored both Chaac and Itzamna. Fires were lit atop the temples and the hearts of animals were thrown into the flames. Once the hearts were completely burned, water was poured on them as if rain from Chaac had extinguished them.[3]

Storm Runner Trilogy

The Fire Keeper

Chaac is present during the execution of Hurakan along with Ixtab, K'ukumatz, Nakon, Ixkakaw, Alom and Itzamna. He gives a speech reminding and warning the spectators to stay in line. When Bird and Jordan escape and the gods catch Zane Obispo and Brooks, he is shocked to see Ah-Puch and hurls a lightning bolt at him and is shocked when the godborns arrive. In Xib'alb'a, they hear Zane out and agree to pardon anyone they see as guilty and to train and claim the godborns. He reveals to Louie that he is his son and the gods decide to officially claim their children in June in order to find more godborns and keep them out of the twin's hands.

The Shadow Crosser

He is present at the claiming ceremony where his son is officially claimed. After Akan is killed, he and the other gods meet to discuss matters but are ambushed by Ixkik' and imprisoned in Tlaltecuhtli with the goddess being sent to 1987.


Chaac was pudgy and stocky with a big nose and beefy hands. He wore a pale blue robe that glistened like moonlight rain.


Chaac is shown to be arrogant and boastful.


  • Electrokinesis: As the god of lightning and thunder - Chaac can most likely control lightning, thunder and electricity.
  • Hydrokinesis: As the Mayan god of rain, can likely control water.
  • Atmokinesis: Chaac has control over storms and can make them appear. His son, Louie, was given this ability as well.


  • Chaac can also be spelled as Chac, Chaak, Chaahk, Chocl, or Choc. These names can mean "Rain" or "Cloud," sometimes there are four Chaacs.
  • Jennifer Cervantes once tweeted about seeing a statue of Chaac at New York City.[4] It have been a hint to Chaac's appearance in The Fire Keeper.
  • His Greco-Roman counterpart is Zeus/Jupiter.
  • His Egyptian counterpart is Tefnut.
  • His Norse counterpart is Thor.
  • His Hindu counterpart is Indra.


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