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A Chariot is a small, swift vehicle, often used in ancient times for Chariot Races and battles. The chariot was created with a joint effort by Poseidon and Athena. Poseidon created the horses for the chariot and Athena created the actual chariot; showing that they can occasionally work together.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Lightning Thief

Ares is seen on his war chariot several times; it takes the form of a motorcycle.

The Sea of Monsters

All of the cabins at Camp Half-Blood build chariots for the races.

The Titan's Curse

Apollo used his Sun Chariot, which he uses to drive around the earth; it has several forms shown. Artemis also used her chariot when she was returning to Olympus which was pulled by deer (from which the legend of Santa Claus' sleigh came from). There were also destroyed chariots in the Junkyard of the Gods.

The Demigod Files

The Stolen Chariot

Clarisse La Rue's father, Ares, god of war, has let her drive his personal war chariot as a test. She is an exception as previously only sons at the age of 15 were allowed to drive it. Her immortal brothers, Deimos and Phobos, the gods of terror and fear, respectively, decide to steal it from her. Percy Jackson decides to help her get it back to Ares' temple, which is on the U.S.S. Intrepid battleship in New York Harbor, before sunset.

Poseidon one of the chariots creators.

The Last Olympian

The Apollo's Cabin and Ares' Cabin both go against a force of Kronos to capture a flying chariot. The Ares cabin led the raid and fought and beat the force, while the Apollo cabin grabbed the chariot, resulting in both the cabins arguing over who gets to keep it.

Percy saw the gods in their chariots while they fought Typhon. Also some war chariots are seen in the Battle of Manhattan with the Ares' Cabin reinforcements.

The Heroes of Olympus

Annabeth Chase and Butch Walker use the flying chariot to take newly discovered demigods Jason Grace, Piper McLean, and Leo Valdez from the Grand Canyon to Camp Half-Blood. It is destroyed when they reach their destination.

City of the Plague God

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The following article/section is from the City of the Plague God continuity under Rick Riordan Presents and not the Riordanverse canon.

Sikander Aziz and Belet Amari use Ishtar's Chariot to race the Manhattan General Hospital to find deliver the cure for Nergal's Plague to his parents.

List of Chariots

List of Chariot Race Chariots

Athena, the other creator of the chariot.

Hephaestus' Cabin's chariot

Beckendorf led Hephaestus' Cabin with a metal chariot that is pulled by metal horses.

Ares' Cabin's chariot

Ares' Cabin made a blood red chariot with skeleton horses. It was led by Clarisse.

Apollo's Cabin's chariot

Apollo's Cabin made a gold chariot, and is trim and graceful. It was pulled by beautiful Palomino horses.

Hermes' Cabin's chariot

Hermes' Cabin made an old chariot that looked like it hasn't been used for a long time. It was led by Travis and Connor Stoll.

Poseidon's Cabin's chariot

Poseidon's Cabin made a blue, and white chariot with pictures of waves and a Trident. It was led by Percy.

Athena's Cabin's chariot

Athena's Cabin built a chariot, it's specification of this chariot unknown. It was led by Annabeth Chase.

Athena and Poseidon cabin's chariot

In a later race Athena's and Poseidon's Cabin worked together to make a chariot. It was run by Percy and Annabeth.

Other Chariots

Sun Chariot

Main article: Sun Chariot

The Sun Chariot, though called a chariot, is not used for races nor have the appearance of a chariot. It instead looks like the car of Apollo's choice.

Ares' War Chariot

Main article: Ares' War Chariot

Ares has a war chariot pulled by black, fire-breathing horses. The design has many painful deaths on it.

Hades' Chariot

Main article: Hades' Chariot

Hades uses it to fight and track down Percy in The Last Olympian.

Flying Chariot

Main article: Flying Chariot

The flying chariot is a chariot that can fly. It was stolen from the Titan Army by the Ares and Apollo cabins' raid. The Apollo cabin owned the chariot, but it was later destroyed in The Lost Hero.

Artemis' Chariot

Main article: Artemis' Chariot

Artemis' Chariot is made of silver and pulled by four golden reindeer with silver horns. The reins of her chariot are made of silver too. Artemis also says her chariot created the idea of Santa Claus' sleigh.

Nyx's Chariot

Nyx's Chariot is made of Stygian Iron and pulled by two shadow horses, Shade and Shadow.