The Chariot Races as seen in the graphic novels.

The Chariot Races are previously banned events at Camp Half-Blood. They were reintroduced to the campers in The Sea of Monsters by Tantalus. Chariot races consist of teams with two campers racing around a track in a chariot. One would be the driver and the other would attack the opponent's chariots with various magical weapons and modifications. The horses can vary greatly, from the skeletal horses used by the Ares campers to mechanical horses made by Charles Beckendorf from the Hephaestus cabin.

Chariot races also happen at Camp Jupiter, but it is unknown if they were ever prohibited.


Percy and Annabeth, winners of one of the chariot races.

These rules were enacted when Tantalus was in charge. They may or may not have changed since he was removed.

  • The track is a quarter-mile in length.
  • Complete two laps first to win.
  • Two horses per chariot.
  • Each team will consist of a driver and a fighter.
  • Weapons are allowed.
  • Dirty tricks are allowed.
  • Killing will result in "harsh" punishment (no s'mores for a week at the campfire).

Known Champions

First race

Second race

  • Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase from Poseidon's Cabin and Athena's Cabin respectively, worked together on a single chariot and won the race, resulting in Annabeth giving Percy a kiss on the cheek. Annabeth, in the end, mentions that they could not have won if Tyson had not given the watch/shield to Percy.



  • It was revealed by someone in the Apollo's Cabin that the races were originally cancelled because they had resulted in three deaths and twenty-six mutilations.
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