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Chitrigupta (pronounced: "CHIT-rih-GOOP-tuh") is the Hindu god who keeps a record of everything a soul has ever done, good and bad.


Dharma Raja was given the Kingdom of Death by Lord Brahma, the god of Creation. However, Dharma Raja kept getting overwhelmed with the number of people in his kingdom. Sometimes he’d get so confused, he’d send a good guy to hell and a bad dude to heaven.[1] Brahma got mad told him to keep better track, but Dharma Raja said that there was no way he could so that for the many people born of the eighty-four hundred thousand different life forms on Earth. So Brahma sat in meditation for many thousands of years, when he opened his eyes he saw man with a pen and paper stood before him. He named him Chitrigupta and since she was born of Brahma's body, the lord of Creation decided that his children would be known as Kayasthas.[2]

Pandava Quartet

Aru Shah and the End of Time

Wisdom Cookies, Chitrigupta gives one to Mini

Aru Shah and Mini met Chitrigupta in the Kingdom of Death after entering a location with a sign that said, KARMA & SINS. Miniature versions of himself were helping him write stuff down. He says Yudhistira, Mini's reincarnation, has never been a female before, but he and not even Dharma Raja could help them on their quest to stop the Sleeper. Instead, he gives them good karma (two tokens with mirrors) to get past the Halls of Death, a cookie that smell like books, soma so they won't get thirsty from the dead and a slim ballpoint pen.

Mini eats the cookie of wisdom to solve the riddle of the three arrow signs that say TO DARE, TO DISTURB, and TO DEIGN, and get to the Palace of Illusions. The good karma was given to Past Time and Wish so they would let the girls go. Aru used the pen to find out about the secrets of Arielle Reddy, Poppy Lopez, and Burton Prater to blackmail them so they would leave her alone. Chitrigupta said that was last time he helped her and that the palace says hello.


Chitrigupta ’s known for being very meticulous and is often credited with being the first person to start using letters.


Chitrigupta had a bulbous nose.


  • Soul Reading: As he is responsible for recording everything that a soul ever does, he likely has some ability to record these things.


  • He is closely tied to the principle of karma - as in "what goes around comes around."


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