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I should have been the most famous hero of all time! Since the legend-tellers decided to ignore me, I became a villain instead. I resolved to put my heritage to use. As the son of Medusa, I would inspire terror. As the son of Poseidon, I would rule the seas!

–Chrysaor, in The Mark of Athena

Chrysaor is the brother of Pegasus and a son of Poseidon and Medusa. Chrysaor and Pegasus were not born until Perseus chopped off Medusa's head. Chrysaor had one son, Geryon, from Callirrhoe, daughter of Oceanus, Titan of the sea.


Pegasus, his brother.

Medusa, the most beautiful of the three Gorgon sisters, was Poseidon's lover and he took her to a temple of Athena, only to get back at the goddess for helping his other lover escape him, turning her into a raven. While he and Medusa where there, Athena saw it and cursed the girl, turning her into an horrible monster. Medusa was pregnant, but was unable able to give birth after being transformed into a gorgon. However, when Perseus killed her, Medusa's two immortal kids with the Sea God sprung out: Pegasus and Chrysaor. Due to how famous his brother was, Chrysaor would often be forgotten about.

Chrysaor soon married Callirrhoe, the daughter of Oceanus, and became the father to the triple-chested Geryon, but Geryon was killed by the great strength of Hercules at Erytheis beside his own shambling cattle on that day when Hercules drove the cattle toward Tiryns, and when he crossed the stream of Oceanos and had killed Orthus and the oxherd Eurytion out in the gloomy meadow beyond Oceanos.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Last Olympian

Gus, a son of Hermes, stole a pair of fuzzy dice from Chrysaor's Honda Civic in the year 1988. This item was then placed in the Big House Attic, alongside several other artifacts that were collected over the centuries.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Mark of Athena

Chrysaor and his crew attacked the Argo II in the Mediterranean Sea to pillage and loot. Once on board, Chrysaor manages to disarm Percy so fast that he can't even see the motion. In a matter of minutes, the crew of the Argo II was captured and the ship began to be robbed of its' supplies. Chrysaor introduces himself to Percy as his brother, seeing as they are both children of Poseidon, and Annabeth informs Percy that they killed his mother back in New Jersey. When his dolphin warriors bring Hedge up from below deck, he tells them to tie and gag the satyr so he can sell him to some cyclopes. He also planned on selling Piper McLean and Hazel Levesque to Circe, kill Jason Grace, and then give Annabeth Chase and Percy Jackson to Gaea for the bounty. When Percy comments on the fact that his crew is made up of dolphin-hybrids, Chrysaor claims they are the best crew in the world and fear nothing, even if they did make a mistake eons ago and kidnapped the wrong person, resulting in them being turned into dolphins.

When Percy's pen returns to his pocket, Piper and Hazel thrash around to distract the guards and Chrysaor, giving Percy an opening to attack. His attack fails however and he is once again disarmed. Chrysaor isn't even winded after the fight and claims that Percy will be chained and sent to Gaea, as her forces are eager to spill his blood to awaken her. However, Percy devises a plan to get Chrysaor alone so they can all battle him without his crew. Percy tells Chrysaor that Dionysus is their captain, which Chrysaor doesn't believe as even he knows the gods are silent. Chrysaor's crew, on the other hand, become nervous as Percy pulls a Diet Coke (Dionysus' favorite soda) from a nearby cooler and claims that Hazel and Piper's earlier outburst was the god driving them mad.

Chrysaor quickly tries to retake control of the situation, but his Dolphin Warriors become terrified as Frank Zhang comes out from his hiding spot and shapeshifts into a dolphin, which Percy claims is a punishment from the god for having their quest delayed. Chrysaor's crew flee from the ship and Percy and the other demigods surround him. Chrysaor swears his revenge on Percy but is knocked off the ship by Frank Zhang in the form of an eight-hundred-pound grizzly bear. While Frank managed to knock off his golden mask, they don't see his face and Chrysaor dives into the sea. Percy decides not to follow him since he does not know the waters and Chrysaor would be too powerful to battle alone. Afterward, Percy sinks Chrysaor's ship and treasure as a tribute to Bacchus, but not before filling it with Diet Coke.


Chrysaor is very upset that there are very few myths about him. As a result, he decided to make a name for himself and became a pirate. He has amazing skill and has earned the respect of his crew over the eons. He isn't above playing with his opponents however and will sometimes give them a chance to fight back. He can quickly realize when he is losing control of a situation and is very vengeful when he is defeated.

Medusa, his mother.


Chrysaor wears a golden Gorgon mask on his face, with curved tusks, horrible features, and curly golden snake hair. He is dressed in full Greek combat armor with a Greek sword made out of Imperial Gold, the first to wield the weapon, which he stubbornly calls Enchanted Gold. His facial features are unknown, but it can be assumed there is something he wants to hide. When his mask is ripped from his head, he immediately covers his face. His voice is described as "rich and velvety", with an exotic Middle Eastern accent, much like that which his mother Medusa had in The Lightning Thief.


Chrysaor was an incredible person. He can go toe-to-toe with his half-brother Percy, who is the most powerful demigod of his generation and easily disarmed him twice.

  • HydrokinesisBeing the son of Poseidon, Chrysaor may have some control over the seas. It is implied by Percy Jackson in The Mark of Athena that Percy was unable to capsize Chrysaor's ship because someone was wresting the control of the sea from him, which was most likely Chrysaor himself.
  • Piracy: Chrysaor has been sailing the Mediterranean Sea for a very long time. He is an amazingly successful pirate and has a crew to back up his abilities. After the Seven Heroes of Olympus defeat Chrysaor and his crew, Hazel says she can sense over six million dollars worth of gold aboard Chrysaor's ship.
  • Swordsmanship: Chrysaor is an incredibly skilled swordsman, as he has had eons of practice. He has been using Enchanted Gold as a weapon material even before the Romans renamed it Imperial Gold. He is described as being as good a swordsman as Ares, even managing to disarm an opponent as skilled as Percy twice in only a matter of minutes. The first time he caught him by surprise and the second time it was a full sword fight.


  • Chrysaor is the first (chronological) known user of an Imperial Gold weapon; he states that when he first began using it, it was just called "Enchanted Gold."                               
  • In the myth, Chrysaor was described as a flying boar.
  • He is nicknamed "Golden Boy" by Ephialtes, who it is assumed does not like him.
  • Chrysaor has a deal with Circe, where she will buy young women from him as slaves or trainees. However, it is unknown if Chrysaor knows that her island was conquered by Blackbeard or possibly Circe retook control sometime after Reyna and Hylla escaped, or founded a new resort on a new island.
  • Chrysaor's species is still unknown. He may be a monster like Pegasus, as he crawled out of Medusa's neck after she had become a monster and had her head chopped off by Perseus. He also hid his face when his mask was knocked off by Frank. He could also be an immortal demigod of some kind, as his mother was human when she and Poseidon were together and he referred to himself as a hero, a term usually associated with demigods.
  • There is a pair of fuzzy dice stolen from his Honda Civic in 1988, in the Big House Attic.
  • Interestingly, due to her curved Imperial Gold sword, Demeter is sometimes referred to as "Demeter Chrysaor."
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