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The following article/section is from the Thousand Worlds continuity under Rick Riordan Presents and not the Riordanverse canon.

Chul is a scholar who eventually became a mercenary.


Chul was a scholar early in life, however he faked his credentials and lost his credibility. He had a family at one point but lost them.

Chul eventually joined a group of mercenaries that were hired to attack the Pale Lightning, a ship in the Thousand Worlds Space Forces, by a councilor on the Jeweled Worlds.

Dragon Pearl

After he and the other mercenaries the Pale Lightning for seventeen hours, he was one of the three survivors taken prisoner after the mercenaries lost. He was interrogated where he revealed his past and who hired them. A few days later he and the others were freed by Min in exchange for taking her to the Fourth Colony in the Ghost Sector. The three agree and they reach their ship. After hitting the Pale Lightning with it’s own missile and open a gate. The mechanic informs them that they can make two more jumps. They decide to go to the Fourth Colony and open a gate. They make it but Hwan and the Pale Lightning beats them there and they are taken out by an electromagnetic pulse. The engineer and pilot get blasters and the four prepare for a fight. They are boarded by Haneul and Sujin, who Captain Hwan threatens to have executed for treason if they don’t surrender. They surrender and Chul and the other mercenaries are returned to their cells.


Chul is a cunning and intelligent man.

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