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I AM CLARISSE, DRAKON-SLAYER! I will kill you ALL! Where is Kronos? Bring him out! Is he a coward?

–Clarisse after slaying the Drakon, in The Last Olympian.

Clarisse La Rue is a Greek demigod, a daughter of Ares, the Greek god of war. She was the former head counselor of Ares' Cabin, before stepping down and giving the role to Sherman Yang. She is currently attending the University of Arizona and is the girlfriend of Chris Rodriguez, as of the end of The Battle of the Labyrinth.


Little is known of Clarisse's past except that she is from Phoenix, Arizona, and was brought to camp by the satyr Gleeson Hedge.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Lightning Thief

“Percy Jackson,” Annabeth said, “Meet Clarisse, Daughter of Ares.”

Percy blinked, “Like...the war god?”
Clarisse growled, “You got a problem with that?”

Annabeth introduces Clarisse to Percy, in the The Lightning Thief

Clarisse is known as a bully at Camp Half-Blood. She is a well-trained camper and this can be a bad thing, depending on whose side she's on. When Percy Jackson first arrives at camp and is being shown around by Annabeth Chase, she mocks the two. She tries dunking Percy's head in a toilet, but this backfires when Percy unknowingly uses his water powers to shoot the water back at her, blasting her and her friends out of the bathroom. It is known that she and her gang dunks everyone's head in a toilet as an initiation, although it is not seen whenever a new camper comes. She shows mastery at using her favorite weapon, an electric spear that was given to her by her father, Ares. Percy manages to break it, making Clarisse hate him even more. The spear is eventually replaced with one called Maimer, but everyone else (including her own cabin mates) nicknamed it Lamer behind her back. While on a quest, Percy has to retrieve Hades' Helm of Darkness and wins a fight against Ares, making all the Ares kids hate him.

The Sea of Monsters

Clarisse goes on a quest to retrieve the Golden Fleece from the Sea of Monsters. On the way there she rescues Percy, Annabeth, and Tyson from the Hydra and takes them aboard a ship named CSS Birmingham to which she is the commander with undead Confederate soldiers as her workers. While sailing through the Sea of Monsters, they are separated by Charybdis and Scylla, and an explosion blew up the CSS Birmingham. Clarisse thinks everyone else is dead, and Annabeth and Percy think the same. Clarisse reaches the island of Polyphemus just before Percy and Annabeth but is captured.

Polyphemus takes away Clarisse's weapon and ties her up over boiling water. Clarisse yells at him to release her and fight and reveals that Polyphemus' bride is actually Grover Underwood who is trying his best to keep himself alive. Angry, Polyphemus declares that Grover would be the meal, and Clarisse would be the bride, much to her horror. The Cyclops imprisons Grover and Clarisse in a cave, but Percy and Annabeth come to their rescue. After fleeing the cave, they all try to fight Polyphemus but fail. Tyson arrives and rescues his friends, retrieving the Golden Fleece in the process, but Clarisse's taunts at Polyphemus drives him to sink Percy's and Annabeth's ship, Queen Anne's Revenge.

With the help of Hippocampi, they escape the Sea of Monsters to Miami where Percy gives the Fleece and all the money they had left to Clarisse so she could get back to camp. She succeeded and, just as she set the Fleece over Thalia's tree, Percy, Annabeth, Tyson, and Chiron arrived. That night, the Fleece restored Thalia's Tree back to health and brings back Thalia Grace, daughter of Zeus, giving Kronos a second chance to control the prophecy.

The Titan's Curse

Clarisse is not at Camp Half-Blood because she is away on a secret scouting mission for Chiron, but has not been heard from and is considered M.I.A.

After Clarisse went on her quest in the Labyrinth, Clarisse stumbled upon Chris Rodriguez (who she had a crush on), who was driven to insanity by the Ghost King Minos. She takes him back to Camp Half-Blood, determined to nurse him back to health.

Once Annabeth is retrieved, Clarisse tells the campers and Chiron that she has "bad news for everyone".

The Battle of the Labyrinth

Clarisse has become better friends with Annabeth (though still not with Percy), and they have been planning something to do with Clarisse's secret scouting mission the previous winter. She is seen holding back Juniper at Grover's trial with the Council of Cloven Elders.

The "bad news" referred to during the winter is revealed when Clarisse reports that Luke Castellan has been trying to get into camp through the Labyrinth.

Clarisse is unable to heal Chris Rodriguez, however, which brings her to tears, showing that she still has strong feelings for him.

When Clarisse sees Percy, she asks that when he finds Daedalus, the creator of the Labyrinth, to kill him. "Because anybody who can make something like the Labyrinth, Percy? That person is evil. Plain evil."

Clarisse was seen by Percy Jackson in the Big House basement with Chris. When Percy describes how Clarisse acts toward Chris, it makes him believe she knew and loved Chris before he had swapped sides.

Dionysus later cures him of his madness, as madness is in his realm of control. Chris Rodriguez then began dating Clarisse, after showing interest in her.

The Demigod Files

The Stolen Chariot

Clarisse was given the task of looking after her father's chariot for the day. Her divine half-brothers, Phobos and Deimos stole it, and with the help of Percy, she manages to get it back and return it to her father by sunset. This results in the two becoming friends, though they keep that fact to themselves because they have a reputation of being rivals at camp.

Her interview foreshadows her dislike of Michael Yew, because of her arguments with him when he said that the Apollo Cabin was better just because they could use long-ranged weapons. She also states that she wishes to break his bow over his head.

The Last Olympian

The occupants of Ares' cabin and Apollo's cabin are fighting over a flying chariot because both cabins want it as their own. The Ares cabin had led the raid, and the Apollo cabin had captured the chariot. The Apollo cabin curses Clarisse's cabin mates so that they have to talk in rhyme.

At a war council, she tells the other head counselors that the Ares Cabin will not fight because they were disrespected. She sticks up for, and is good friends with Silena Beauregard, and is sympathetic when Charles Beckendorf dies. She is also vital in the final battle because Kronos had sent a drakon to attack the Heroes and it was foretold only a child of Ares could slay it; but the cabin had been duped into not helping, thanks to a spy in the camp. Finally, they arrive when Silena dresses in Clarisse's armor and fools the cabin into joining the battle. After Silena is fatally wounded Clarisse charges the drakon without armor and brings the beast down, avenging her friend. The deed also earned her the blessing of Ares and the respect of her father who said it was the best drakon slaying he had ever seen. Clarisse continued to battle with the horde of monsters until she was frozen by a Hyperborean Giant.

After the war ends in victory for the Olympians and demigods, Clarisse returned to camp. She and some campers eavesdrop on Percy and Annabeth, Clarisse and the campers gleefully interrupt them kissing and throw them into the canoe lake.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Lost Hero

Clarisse is mentioned when one camper comments on how Jason Grace's weapon is better than Clarisse's spear, Maimer. She is again mentioned when Leo reveals Festus to the camp brandishing her spear stating they should kill Festus. She takes part in a council meeting once Jason regains his memories. Chiron reveals the truth about the Roman camp. She mentions that the brutal philosophy of the Romans makes sense to her, as Ares is the god of war so his children like violence. However, she does not like the concept of Greek demigods working/cooperating with Roman demigods, as they were enemies before.

The Mark of Athena

When Gleeson Hedge is talking to Frank Zhang about General Sherman's attack on Atlanta and how he burned it to the ground, Percy thought that Clarisse would do something similar without hesitation.

The House of Hades

Gleeson Hedge tells Frank Zhang, that he was the satyr who brought Clarisse to Camp-Half Blood. Also, Clarisse is seen leading demigods at Camp Half-Blood in preparation for the impending Roman attack.

The Blood of Olympus

Clarisse is seen in a meeting with Chiron and the cabin members during Nico's dream of Camp Half-Blood. She says to attack the Romans, however, this idea is rejected. Also, it is shown she has little faith in Reyna's quest to transport the Athena Parthenos. Clarisse led the Greeks to battle to defend the camp but stopped when the Athena Parthenos was returned. She survived the battle with Gaea and was next seen at the dining pavilion keeping female campers away from her godson, Chuck Hedge.

The Trials of Apollo

The Hidden Oracle

It is revealed that Clarisse has stepped down from her position as a counselor, and now attends the University of Arizona. Her successor is her half-brother, Sherman Yang.


Clarisse is generally hot-tempered, arrogant, brave, and strong like most of her siblings. She is also known as a bully that dunks new campers' heads in toilets. In The Battle of the Labyrinth Clarisse shows strong feelings for Chris Rodriguez and shows her kind and caring side to him, even before he becomes her boyfriend. Clarisse is very proud and defensive of her cabin and often defends the camp from monsters. She is also defensive and very protective of her good friend Silena Beauregard after she gave Clarisse some dating advice.

Although never seen in a one-on-one duel with anyone in the series, Clarisse is a fierce and daring warrior, and is all too aware of this, taking extreme pride to the point of hubris in her own combat skills. Her anger toward Percy increased after he defeated her father. During The Last Olympian, she is angered by the camp for never respecting the Ares' Cabin. Her pride even prevented her from allowing her cabin from fighting in the war until Silena's intervention.

She is similar in that way to Achilles, in the sense that her pride sometimes gets in the way of her good sense. This also makes her extremely similar to her own father, Ares, in that they both value strength as a primary advantage - although, Clarisse does not only rely on strength, and is an extremely charismatic leader who even Percy recognizes to have inspirational bravery.


Clarisse is described as having the height of a basketball player and the muscular body of a rugby player, making her the most physically adept female fighter at Camp Half-Blood. In The Last Olympian, she is described as being a foot taller than Michael Yew, who is 4'6", making her 5'6". She has dark "pig eyes," and pale brown hair that is described as stringy. Percy also described Clarisse, along with the rest of her siblings, as having the same vicious sneer as their father, Ares. After returning from her scouting mission in The Titan's Curse, she has a new scar on her chin and her long hair is cut short and ragged "like someone had attacked it with a pair of safety scissors."


  • ADHD: Like most demigods, Clarisse possesses inborn supernatural battle reflexes and senses that she uses to analyze the fighting style of her opponent.
  • Dyslexia: Her brain is "hardwired" for Ancient Greek instead of modern languages.
  • Fighting Skills: Clarisse has been trained in hand-to-hand combat during her stays at Camp Half-Blood. Clarisse is one of Camp Half-Blood's best warriors, demonstrated by her easily defeating Deimos in combat, and ultimately being able to quickly slay a Lydian Drakon alone and without armor in The Last Olympian, killing it with her spear (although it had been somewhat injured beforehand), a feat that impressed even Ares himself

  • Physically Enhanced: As a daughter of Ares, Clarisse is very strong, fast and agile due to having the physical structure, upper body strength, and muscularity of a rugby player.
  • Telumkinesis: Being a child of Ares would make her an expert in all weapon usage and she may even have some degree of magical control over them (e.g. she turned one of the Apollo cabin's arrows to rubber). Clarisse is shown to be skilled in wielding a spear, sword and knife, though her favored weapon is her infamous electric spear.
    • Weapon Conjuration: As a daughter of Ares, Clarisse is able to transform any object around her into any weapon and/or tool through sheer concentration.
    • Weapon Curses: As a daughter of Ares, Clarisse is able to place curses on her opponents' weapons.
  • Invulnerability (formerly): In The Last Olympian, Clarisse received the blessing of Ares, which made her near invincible for a time.
  • Necromancy (limited): As a daughter of Ares, Clarisse can summon the losing undead soldiers from any war. She used this ability in The Sea of Monsters, when Confederate soldiers worked for her aboard the CSS Birmingham. Still, Clarisse's powers over the dead are far inferior to Nico di Angelo's.
  • Odikinesis: As a result of being the daughter of Ares, Clarisse has limited control and influence over the emotions of war (such as hate and rage). She would unknowingly use this ability to induce violent fights with other campers, earn a formidable reputation as the one who that dunks new campers' heads in toilets.
  • Powerful Scream (limited): As a daughter of Ares, Clarisse is able to generate a powerful scream capable of causing her opponents extreme pain and discomfort.
  • Pyrokinesis (limited): In The Last Olympian, Clarisse was able to generate heat and fire to a certain degree. But her pyrokinetic powers aren't on the level of individuals like Leo Valdez.

  • Magical Items

    • Electric Spear: A gift from her father, Ares, it is a five-foot-long spear with a barbed metal tip that "[flickers] with red light." This "red light" is electricity that will electrocute Clarisse's target even if the spearhead is blocked by armor or a shield. Although it is normally used to stun or otherwise disable opponents, it will release lethal amounts of electricity if broken. It was destroyed by Percy in a game of Capture the Flag in The Lightning Thief. She later gets a replacement electric spear which she names Maimer (nicknamed Lamer by her cabin mates and the other campers behind her back) that was also destroyed when she used it to kill a Drakon in The Last Olympian. This too is replaced by a third spear between the events of The Last Olympian and The Lost Hero.
    • Armor: Clarisse's armor was painted red (possibly to symbolize blood) and had a matching boar-shaped helmet along with it (presumably to display her status as leader of the Ares Cabin).
    • Sword: After destroying her second electric spear to slay a Drakon, Clarisse temporarily wields a sword from one of her deceased siblings (presumably a brother) between the events of the Second Titan War in The Last Olympian and The Lost Hero.
    • Knife: She carries a knife at her belt as a sidearm.
    • Ares' War Chariot: The chariot that belongs to her father, which she may borrow from time to time. It can change form (motorcycle, tank, convertible, etc.).
    • Additional Aid from Ares: She can pray to her father for aid—usually in the form of weapons or undead minions. She uses this to obtain an ironclad warship and a troop of skeleton Confederate soldiers, courtesy of her father, Ares, in The Sea of Monsters; both are destroyed by Charybdis on her quest for the Golden Fleece in the same book.



    Percy Jackson, her former rival and friend.

    Although it may not seem like it at first glance, Percy and Clarisse are on good terms. Their relationship did not start out well with her 'initiation' ceremony in The Lightning Thief of her trying to dunk his head in a toilet (which backfired on her completely when she and some of her sisters were soaked in toilet water and tossed in mud via Percy's control over water) and the subsequent capture the flag game ending with them both holding a grudge against each other, Percy due to her attitude, and Clarisse because of the damage done to her reputation. When Percy wounded her father, it gave her a reason to hate him. In The Sea of Monsters, they began to understand each other more, even being able to work together with little arguments. Over the course of the next three books (plus The Demigod Files), they grow from an unfriendly relationship to considering each other valuable friends and allies.

    Annabeth Chase, a fellow camper.

    Stay out of it, wise girl

    –Clarisse to Annabeth, in The Lightning Thief.

    At first she and Annabeth were enemies, but in The Battle of the Labyrinth, they became friends after working together on the Labyrinth problem. She is also the one to point out that Annabeth should be the one to lead the Quest for Daedalus.

    Silena Beauregard, her friend.

    She was a hero, understand? A hero.

    –Clarisse, referring to Silena Beauregard in The Last Olympian

    Clarisse became Silena's personal bodyguard and friend in The Last Olympian after the daughter of Aphrodite gave her advice about boyfriends. She was seen comforting Silena after her boyfriend, Charles Beckendorf died. Silena's death sent a grief-stricken Clarisse into an unstoppable rage, through which she was able to defeat the drakon and gained the blessing of Ares.

    Gleeson Hedge, the Satyr that found her.

    Although their relationship was not described in great detail, Hedge fondly speaks of her in The House of Hades, and Clarisse has stated in The Blood of Olympus that she owes Gleeson Hedge her life, as he was the satyr protector who had originally brought her to Camp Half-Blood. She cared for Coach Hedge's wife, Mellie, during the latter's pregnancy, and was even named godmother of their baby son, Chuck Hedge. Additionally, she and Hedge share a common interest in violence, although she did not "have an unhealthy obsession with martial arts and baseball bats", as Reyna stated about Hedge.

    Love Interests

    Chris Rodriguez

    Clarisse found Chris wandering in the desert near her mother's house during the events of The Titan's Curse, after he was driven insane by Minos in the Labyrinth. She tried to nurse him back to health in The Battle of the Labyrinth, but nothing helped. Clarisse was gentle and affectionate while trying to help him, and when Dionysus cured Chris of his madness, a very happy Clarisse and Chris started dating.



    Ares, her father.

    Clarisse is very frightened of her father Ares. When she is given a quest to find the Golden Fleece, she is shown to be scared of her father's harsh nature. Ares seems to favour his sons rather than his daughters, as he told Clarisse that one of his sons should have gotten the quest, and only his sons ever drove chariot (with Clarisse being the first girl in a long time). In The Demigod Files, it was shown by Phobos, Clarisse's half-brother, that Clarisse's deepest fear was making her father angry at her. However, Clarisse made her father proud when she single-handedly fought a Lydian Drakon, sent by Kronos in The Last Olympian, and he gave her the blessing of Ares, which made Clarisse temporarily invincible.

    Percy Jackson (Film Series)

    Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

    She was not included in the film adaptation, although considered a main character in the book.

    Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

    Clarisse is shown as Percy Jackson's rival and is shown being chosen by Mr. D as the chosen one to go find the Golden Fleece. Later on, she reunites with Percy while battling Charybdis and goes to Polyphemus' Island.


    • Clarisse means "fame" which could be referring to Clarisse's pressure to look good for her father and her cabin.
    • La Rue means "the street" in French, but alone Rue can mean "to regret" in English. Clarisse La Rue means "clear the street" giving a reference to her bold and commanding personality.


    • Clarisse's mother lives around Phoenix, Arizona; somewhere close to an exit to the Labyrinth.
    • In The Titan's Curse, Percy Jackson says that Clarisse had dirty blonde hair.
    • Clarisse's first name is like Annabeth's first name - Annabeth is an anagram of Athena with extra letters and Clarisse is an anagram of Ares with extra letters being C, L, I and an extra S.
    • Clarisse's weapon, Maimer, was destroyed in The Lightning Thief and her second one in The Last Olympian, yet in The Lost Hero, one camper comments on its inferiority to Jason's weapon. It is possible that after the first and second were destroyed, she acquired a third Maimer.
      • Behind her back, many people call Clarisse's weapon (Maimer) Lamer.
    • Clarisse's actions in The Last Olympian very much mirror the actions of Achilles in the Iliad. After not receiving what they thought they deserved, they refused to fight in the war. Then, a close friend stole their armour (Silena and Patroklos respectively) and lead their forces into battle, before being killed by the enemy (the drakon and Hector of Troy respectively). This leads each of them to go into a blind rage, rejoin the war, and kill the being responsible for the death of their friend.
    • Clarisse is one of the characters in either series to have Ares' Blessing, the other being Frank Zhang, who attained the Blessing of Mars.
    • Clarisse somewhat resembles Gunilla from the book, The Sword of Summer.
    • Clarisse's age is unknown. However given that she is attending college in The Hidden Oracle, it can be assumed that the daughter of Ares is at least eighteen.
    • Nico says that most kids couldn't touch Clarisse , with the exception of Will Solace.

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