Daedalus has been kind to us, Your Majesty. And I do not like you threatening our father.

–Aelia to Minos, in The Battle of the Labyrinth

Cocalus' daughters were the daughters of Cocalus, king of Kamikos in Sicily. They caused the death of King Minos by dropping beads into his bath that wrapped him with chains until his death. They did this after Minos had attempted to harm Daedalus, their teacher. One of the daughters' name was Aelia, the only named one in the series.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Battle of the Labyrinth

In Percy Jackson's dream, Minos came to the daughters father Cocalus' palace to find the one who had mastered his puzzle. He talks to Cocalus and demands that the traitor Daedalus to be brought to him. Cocalus says that Daedalus is a wonderful man and that his daughters have grown attached to their tutor. He invited Minos to dinner, one of Cocalus' daughters, Aelia, with the help of her sisters, decided to draw a bath for Minos in order to kill him. As Minos got into the bath the girls drop a few beads into the water which create chains that wrap up Minos like a mummy until he dies. Minos swears he will get revenge on the inventor before he dies though. Daedalus walks in and tells the girls they have done well, but he must leave. He presses a button on the wall, and the girls began to cry, know that their teacher was leaving them. When one of them mentioned that Daedalus had not mentioned secret passages, he corrects her, saying that the Labyrinth had been busy and expanding. With that, Daedalus escapes and the girls leave.


Cocalus' daughters all have an interest in learning. They are also extremely loyal to those that treat them with respect. This includes Daedalus who acted as their teacher for many years. They praise and protect Daedalus because he has allowed them to have minds of their own, while also being loyal to their father who had protected Daedalus. They are also very conniving, being able to lure Minos to his death without him suspecting a thing until it was too late.


When Percy dreams of Cocalus' daughters, they all have red hair, like Cocalus, and were dressed in blue robes, although Aelia was said to be just a bit taller than her sisters. Minos thought they were extremely beautiful, as seen by his actions.

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