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Annabeth sent me a message from Tartarus. From fricking Tartarus. Anybody who can do that . . . hey, I listen to them.

–Connor, in The Blood of Olympus.

Connor Stoll is a Greek demigod, a son of Hermes. He is the current head counselor of Hermes' Cabin as his older brother Travis Stoll has left to attend college. 

Early life

Connor was born the second child of Hermes and an unnamed mortal woman after his brother Travis, making them one of the rare non-twin full-blooded demigod siblings.

At an unknown point, they were brought to Camp Half-Blood for training.

In The Mark of Athena it is mentioned that several years before Annabeth met Percy, Connor had placed a tarantula into her bunk, a prank that she nearly killed him for.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Lightning Thief

Connor does not formally appear, but in The Sea of Monsters, it is mentioned that Percy Jackson first met him while they were in the Hermes cabin together.

The Sea of Monsters

Because Luke Castellan betrayed the camp, Connor and Travis Stoll became the leaders of the Hermes' Cabin. Percy says he can never remember who is older, although later in the series it was revealed that Travis is the older sibling. Percy said that he always thought it funny that Hermes would have children with the last name "Stoll", but when he mentioned it to Connor and Travis, they both stared at him blankly as if they did not get the joke.

In the Chariot Races, Travis and Connor man the Hermes chariot. Percy states that he shudders to think what schemes they have cooked up. Unfortunately for them, right after the race begins, they ram into the Apollo chariot and both chariots flip over.

In the next race, the Stoll brothers attack Clarisse La Rue in the Ares Chariot with javelins. They fall behind as Connor has a fierce fight with Clarisse as Travis drives. They end up coming in third, behind Percy's chariot and the Ares chariot.

The Titan's Curse

When Percy first arrives at camp, he sees Travis and Connor trying to pick-lock into the camp store. In the game of Capture the Flag against the Hunters, they are both on defense with Percy and a few others. Unfortunately, they both get wounded by the hunter Phoebe and Connor ends up with two arrows in his helmet "like antennae."

Later, when Chiron calls a meeting, Travis and Connor go to represent the Hermes cabin. Connor remarks that they are facing a lot of danger and he and Travis give Zoë Nightshade a collector's T-shirt to give to Phoebe. It is later revealed that the T-shirt was sprayed with poisonous centaur blood that Aphrodite gave to them so that Percy could go on the quest.

The Battle of the Labyrinth

When Percy arrives at camp, he sees Connor and Travis in the driveway of the Big House, trying to hot-wire the camp's SUV. In the scorpion war game, they are paired together, which is no surprise, because they do everything together.

They both attend the war council with the other head counselors of the other cabins. They both fight bravely in the Battle of the Labyrinth and both survived.

The Demigod Files

Connor and Travis are both interviewed by Rick Riordan, they tell him about the Golden Mango prank they pulled on the Aphrodite's Cabin. They tossed a mango painted gold into the cabin with the words for the hottest on it, so the campers would fight each other for it. Their prank worked, and apparently "Gucci shoes were flying out of Windows and it was a full on fight". They ended up getting busted, however, and the Aphrodite campers had a curse put on Connor that made all his clothes two sizes too small for him. He says he felt like a geek. Travis mentions that he is a geek. Travis was hit with Permanent Makeup.

This prank mirrors the Eris' prank that was pulled on Athena, Hera, and Aphrodite by tossing a golden apple between them and the three fought over it, eventually leading to the Judgement of Paris and the Trojan War.

The Last Olympian

When Percy returns to camp from his mission with Beckendorf, Connor is on lookout duty. He is the first person to see him, and when he does he gets so excited he falls out of his tree and runs to greet him. Although he is happy Percy is alive, his smile fades when he learns of Beckendorf's death. He is worried about how Silena will react when she finds out. Together they climb the sand dunes to tell the rest of the camp the news.

He and his brother attend the war council that Chiron calls. Neither of them seem to be bothered by the fact that Clarisse is not speaking to any of them, and tries not to laugh when Clarisse fights with Michael Yew. Connor also remarks that he wishes the Ares Cabin wouldn't complain when they were asked to fight. When Percy mentions that there is a spy, Connor says that they have suspected a spy for years and that it is probably someone who knew Luke well. He glances at Annabeth Chase, but then quickly looks away, stating "It could be anybody." It is revealed that the Stoll brothers have somewhat of a rivalry with Katie Gardner, the Head Counselor of Demeter's Cabin, ever since they decorated the roof of her cabin with chocolate Easter bunnies. Travis and Connor both get very angry when she suggests that the spy is one of Luke's siblings. Percy suggests that more gods should protect Olympus, but Connor tells Percy that if Typhon reaches Olympus, it will not matter who is guarding it. He later attends Beckendorf's funeral.

He comes along with most of the camp when Percy calls them into the city and they go up to Olympus. Their father, Hermes arrives and is not happy. It is unknown if this was the first time he and Travis met him, but they did not speak to him, and are happy when Annabeth tells them to lead the group into the city, giving them an important job right in front of their dad. They herded everyone out of the throne room. After a while they run back in and show Percy and Annabeth that Morpheus put the entire island of Manhattan to sleep. Both brothers are interested in taking advantage of the sleeping city and raid a candy store, which Katie Gardner scolds them for. Connor takes half of the Hermes cabin and defends the Manhattan Bridge. Most of them survive.

Luke, his half-brother and former counselor.

It is Connor who gives Percy the message that Grover Underwood has been found. He stays in fairly good shape throughout the battle, not being seriously wounded and continuing to fight throughout the battle, implying he is a decent fighter. After Silena Beauregard's death, he and Travis ask Percy about her death. Percy refuses to let her be known as a spy, although they had already heard it. They discuss the advantages of the elevator and tell him they already tried to disable it, but were unable to do it. Connor complains that there are no more reinforcements, giving Percy the idea to send a message to Nico.

After the battle, Travis and his brother come to Olympus and report to Percy that his parents and Chiron are alive. Connor ultimately survives and Travis does as well, with only minor injuries and they head back to camp to share the duty as the counselors of the much-less-crowded Hermes Cabin. Both brothers were involved on the eavesdropping of Percy and Annabeth and it was Connor who has the idea of throwing them in the lake.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Lost Hero

Connor, for some unknown reason, was not seen in the final chapter when the council was summoned. His brother, Travis, was seen alone trying to light a ping-pong ball on fire.

The Mark of Athena

Annabeth mentions Connor when thinking back on all the times spiders had scared her. She remembers the time she almost killed Connor for putting a tarantula in her bunk.

The House of Hades

Annabeth mentions Connor when they are in the Shrine of Hermes in Tartarus. When the food appears, Annabeth, looking at the Peanut M&M's, says that Connor always burnt a pack for his Dad. Later, Annabeth writes Rachel a letter but addresses Connor in hopes that as the messenger god, his father Hermes, through his shrine, would deliver it to Connor. Connor receives the letter and gives it Rachel.

The Blood of Olympus

Connor gathered at a war council meeting with all the head counselors, Chiron, Ella, and Rachel Elizabeth Dare. He stood by the refreshment table and shoved ritz crackers into his mouth. He was glad when he found out Tyson would be summoning his cyclops friends and said with the magic done by Hecate's Cabin and the traps he and his cabin had been setting, there would be tons of surprises for the Romans. This annoyed Jake Mason, who said he stole the traps from Bunker 9 and the Hephaestus' Cabin. Clarisse questioned how he could steal land mines, and Connor stated that he didn't steal, he commandeered them, as he sprayed a glob of cheese into his mouth. He also said that he trusted Annabeth, since she sent him a note from "fricking Tartarus".

Later, he fought bravely during the Siege of Camp Half-Blood, and he and a bunch of Hermes campers surrounded Jason Grace as they fought monsters. Connor grinned at Jason and asked what was up, and Jason said he was good, asking how he was. Connor dodged an ogre and stabbed a grain spirit, saying he couldn't complain. Connor then fought with the forces of Camp Half- Blood after Percy and Annabeth reunited them.

In the days after Gaea's death, Connor and the Hermes cabin bonded with the children of Mercury, telling stories and stealing from everyone. Connor, like everyone else at camp, mourned over Leo's death.

The Trials of Apollo

Camp Half-Blood Confidential

Connor and the other campers gathered at the campfire while Chiron was gone. When he heard about the Orientation Film from Nico di Angelo, after listening to him sing the hokey pokey, he asked where you can find the film. Nico said you could find it in the Big House, and Connor decided he was going to get it. Annabeth said it was locked, but Connor said he'll see about that, and enlisted Harley to come with and help with the projector. Harley was excited, but his excitement wavered after Connor said he couldn't turn it into a killer robot or give it upgrades. An hour later, Connor and Harley set up the movie and all the campers went to watch.

In the short story, "Tongs a lot, dad", Connor mentions that he and Travis would explore all the time before he went to college but the Big House Attic. But it is revealed that during the events of The Last Olympian, while Rachel was being possessed by the Oracle, Connor and Travis decided to sneak up there. But they became freaked out when a beam came and zapped the Oracle's chair away, so they left and took a small box. When they returned to the cabin, they chased their cabin mates out, telling them to go play in the woods, so they could look at their treasure. Travis pranked Connor and said it was a mystical bag of winds, but it turned out to be a whoopee cushion. Connor then pulled out barbecue tongs, that said it was supposed to be only used once by plucking a Tartarus Napkin from a fire. He asked Travis what it meant, and he remarked it meant you could only use them once. Connor thought the tongs made him uneasy so he carried them around at all times. He later used them to get the note from Annabeth.

Later, Valentina Diaz mentons that Connor never let her behind the counter to rummage through anything at the camp store, which annoyed her. She eventually got to when he wasn't around.

One day, Connor decided to hang out with Valentina, Paolo, Nyssa Barrera, Sherman, and Butch Walker in Bunker 9 and discussed curses. He learned the story of James Dean and Harmonia's Necklace.

The Hidden Oracle

It was stated that Travis has left the camp, and gone to college. His brother Connor is now the only head counselor of the Hermes cabin. According to Chiron, Connor has mellowed a bit, now that his brother is gone. And he is not so fanatical anymore when it comes to pranking. However, that was no problem, because his siblings were more than happy to take over his pranking duties.

When Meg McCaffrey arrived at Camp, Meg poked Connor in the eye, though it is not known why. Connor was angry and plotted with Sherman Yang, who got kicked in the crotch, to prank Meg. Connor reluctantly welcomed Meg to stay in Hermes Cabin until she was claimed.

At dinner, Connor sat at the Hermes Cabin table with Meg, and his sisters Alice Miyazawa and Julia Feingold. He wore sunglasses to ensure that Meg wouldn't poke her in the eyes. Later, while Chiron spoke, Connor asked if the Ares Cabin could shove Apollo's head into the toilet, and Sherman said they would only do it to newbies who deserve it. The two then gave each other a look, showing that they were planning something. After Meg was welcomed by Chiron, Connor agreed with Sherman that they should give her a warm welcome in the canoe lake. He got a golden net and threw it over Meg's head and tried to dunk her, but Peaches grabbed on his neck and started ripping out his hair. Connor wailed and screamed to get it off. When he finally got off, Connor's hair was pulled out in chunks, reminding Apollo of an abused doll. Connor was in shock and asked who Meg was. He later bowed in respect with the other demigods after Meg was claimed by Demeter. That night, Kayla Knowles and Austin Lake stood over him, debating the need for a hair graft.

The next day, Connor was paired with Paolo Montes for the three legged death race, with neither being happy about it. He looked glum either because he missed Travis or his hair was covered in medicinal salve. Connor became even more annoyed when Paolo started complaining loudly in Portuguese, making Connor cover his left ear. However, the two collaborated well and found a golden apple minutes into the race. Connor grinned at Apollo and Meg and taunted them, but Connor realized they were about to be pummeled by iron orbs from the ceiling, and screamed to run. They ran away awkwardly.

Apollo later questions if he may be the spy, since he was a son of Hermes and they had a tendency to betray the gods, and may do so again.

Connor fought with the other campers against the Colossus Neronis, and he and Harley fired flamethrowers at the Colossus, giving him a molten pedicure. They kept blowtorching his feet, but it had no affect. That night, Connor, along with most of the campers, were sick with hay fever and tended by Will Solace. The next day he was one of the campers to punch Leo Valdez and attended a singalong with s'mores that night with the campers. He also welcomed Billie Ng and Miranda Gardiner into his cabin until Demeter's Cabin was rebuilt after being smashed.


They are both so unlike my old enemy, Luke, that it's hard to believe they're all sons of Hermes.

Percy Jackson

Connor is a fun-loving, mischievous prankster, but also nice, loyal and brave enough to be willing to fight for Olympus and his father, Hermes. He likes to play pranks and is also quite a pickpocket. He takes these traits from his father,Hermes, and share them with his brother, Travis. They are seen by Percy trying to pick the lock on the camp store and trying to high-jack the camp's SUV. Because of their mischief making, they are not on good terms with some people. Katie Gardner has had a rivalry with them since they decorated the Demeter cabin's roof with chocolate Easter bunnies. Somehow, Connor also managed to annoy Meg McCaffrey enough to make her poke him in the eye. Connor and Travis are also shown to dislike Clarisse (just like everyone else), but have always gotten along with Percy, who states that they are "pretty nice guys, but you should always keep one hand on your wallet when they are around and never, under any circumstances, give them access to shaving cream, unless you want to find your sleeping bag full of it." Also, Connor appears to be the smarter of the two, while Travis is more mischievous. According to Percy, both Connor and Travis are so unlike his enemy Luke, that it makes it hard for him to believe that they're all sons of Hermes.


Connor is tall and skinny with a mop of curly brown hair that hangs in his blue eyes. Like Travis, he wears an orange camp T-shirt untucked over baggy shorts. Like most of the other children of Hermes, he has elfish features, upturned eyebrows, a sarcastic smile and a gleam in his eyes, like he was ready to "drop a firecracker down your shirt". He has a crooked smile to match his personality and crooked sense of humor. He is also a little bit shorter than his brother, Travis, which is the only way people can tell them apart.  In The Hidden Oracle, Peaches rips out most of Connor's hair, so that he looks like an "abused doll".


Hermes, his father.

Connor is a reasonably powerful demigod, though not as powerful as his half-brother Luke. 

  • Fighting Skills: Connor is implied to have good fighting skills during The Last Olympian, since he stays in good shape throughout the entire Battle of Manhattan.
  • Cunning: Connor is uncommonly cunning, and, together with his brother, is usually able to get away with their outrageous and mischievous pranks. Also, Connor appears to be smarter than Travis, while the latter is the more mischievous of the two.  
  • Enhanced Theft Abilities: Connor is able to supernaturally steal things without people noticing, even other demigods. 
  • Clauditiskinesis: Connor can magically sense the internal structure and mechanisms of any lock he touches, and is able to make it unlock, even telekinetically. Hence, Connor and Travis have no problems with high-jacking the camp's SUV in The Battle of the Labyrinth. This does not work on cursed locks, though.
    • Lock Intuition: Connor can also identify curses and traps placed on locks. If he concentrates hard enough, he can deactivate them.  
  • Money manipulation: Since Hermes is the god of merchants, Connor is quite good with money, and is really fond of playing poker as a result. He even tries to convince Nico di Angelo that poker is a much better game than Mythomagic in The Titan's Curse


Percy commented on the irony of his last name being Stoll, as in stole, even though he and his brother did not get the joke. In Dutch versions the last name of the Stolls is Stall; you can derive this from the past tense of "stelen": the Dutch verb of to steal, or from stall: stable, since Hermes is also the god of animals. This last one is also the irony Percy commented on in the Dutch versions. In the Hebrew version of the book, his last name is שוד (Shod), which is the Hebrew word for robbery. In the Polish version of the book, Connor's surname is Hood, a reference to The Prince of Thieves, Robin Hood. However, on Riordan's website, he mentions that Connor (as well as Nico, Miranda, and Travis) was a former student of his.

His name is also a play on 'Con' and Hermes is the God of Thieves.


  • It is said by Percy in The Sea of Monsters that the Stoll brothers are not twins, with Travis being the older sibling. However, the two look almost identical, only being differentiated by their height.
  • Travis, along with his brother, were the only known named children of Hermes who were not ever on Kronos' side (whether or not Cecil has been on Kronos' side is unknown, and Alice Miyazawa and Julia Feingold joined camp after the war).
  • Connor and Travis are somewhat similar to Fred and George Weasley from the Harry Potter series, in that both sets of brothers are good friends with the protagonist of their series (Percy Jackson and Harry Potter respectively) and have a penchant for outrageous and mischievous pranks.
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