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The following article/section is from the Gifted Clans continuity under Rick Riordan Presents and not the Riordanverse canon.

Cosette Chung is a member of the Gumiho Clan.


Cosette was born into the Chung family of the Gumiho Clan. She has an older sister.

The Gifted Clans series

The Last Fallen Star

After services, she and the other young witches attend Saturday school. When they are given a room to use, she puts on a pink feather boa before she and the others sing to dispel the illusion before the class starts.

A few days later at the Griffin Observatory, she sings Riley Oh, who she knows about being a Horangi, and Emmett Harrison. She refuses to let them in until she realizes Emmett is on her Battle Galactic team. After they mention the fallen star, she shows them a video of her sister reciting it at a temple talent show. After suggesting they go to the temple library to learn more, she disguises Riley and Emmett as herself and her sister respectively and warns them that the spell wears off after an hour.

A few days later Jennie Byun has a vision of something happening at the Gi Sanctuary and she goes with her along with David Kim and Noah Noh. They find the Ohs, Emmett, and three Horangi fighting the Cave Bear Goddess. She distracts the goddess by making herself looking like Okja as Jennie and David douse her with immobilization potion. She and the others are shocked when Riley says she is the last fallen star and watch as she destroys the goddess statue, expelling her from Okja and the mortalrealm.

As things calm down, she and the others from Saturday school try to comfort Riley, but she runs away crying to he elevators, soon after she and Emmett give each other a salute from their game. Unknown to everyone, Riley is given a wish by the Haetae to undo anything from her past and she decides to resurrect Hattie. He does so and, after a delay, Hattie is resurrected. They all cheer and promise to find a way to restore their memories of Riley as they fill Hattie in.  


Cosette is a pretty girl of Korean descent. She resembles a K-pop star.


At first, it is assumed Cosette is a bully who hangs around the other bullies in the Gifted Community. However it is later revealed that she is kind and helpful to others.


  • Mystiokinesis: As a witch, she can use magic.
    • Hallucikinesis: As a member of the Gumiho Clan, she is talented at casting illusions. She can disguise others, but she must know who she is disguising them into as well.
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