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Silenus, Maron, and Leneus

The Council of Cloven Elders is a council made up of honorary satyr members whose main duty is to abide over the satyrs' search for the god Pan. The council deems satyrs worthy or unworthy of a searcher's license which allows the satyrs to search for Pan. To achieve a searcher's license, a satyr must serve successfully as a protector and bring a demigod to Camp Half-Blood alive. The council will then decide whether or not the quest was successful. The council resides in a forum in the woods of Camp Half-Blood.


Grover Underwood

Former Members

Honorary Members

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Battle of the Labyrinth

The council first appears and is named during Grover's trial. They do not believe that Pan has spoken to Grover. They give Grover an ultimatum: find proof of Pan in one week or lose your searcher's license. In attendance at the trial were Percy Jackson, Clarisse La Rue, Annabeth Chase, and Juniper. Later, when Grover returns with news that Pan is dead, the council does not believe him. Dionysus joins the conference and states that he himself believes Grover and explains why the council should too. Three members of the council vote to exile Grover, but Chiron and Dionysus vote not to exile Grover. Since Dionysus is a god, his vote counts as two, so the vote was tied. The satyrs then split into two groups: one that follows the council and one that follows Grover.

The Last Olympian

The council does not appear in whole as most of them were scared off by the coming of the Titan lord Kronos. When Juniper asks Leneus about what had happened to Grover, Percy pushes him over and tells him to act like a leader and lead. Leneus of the council comes over to Grover's side, and helps in the final battle against the Titan army, but then dies in battle. At the end of the battle, Grover is rewarded with a seat on the council

Percy Jackson and the Olympians
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