The Court of the Sky is a place in the Otherworld where the Council of Guardians meet and train Hindu believers.


The Court of the Sky lives up to its name, the sky was marbled with clouds. The walls were ribbons of shimmering light and delicate music laced the air. The space had that deliciously ripe aroma of the earth right after a summer thunderstorm. There was no floor, people instead have slipper made out of cloudy wisps on their feet to prevent them from falling. The council can also change to bottom to show what is going on in the world.

There were seven huge floating thrones made out of gold for the council, each one has a name of a member. But Subala's throne was outside the circle, it was tarnished and rusty, some of the letters were hard to make out. Some of the thrones were transparent, that's because not every guardian of the council is in residence at the same time since there's really no point unless the world needs saving.

The court can change into the place where the Claiming ceremony commences. When that happens the Court of the Sky zooms back into the shadows. The seven thrones are replaced by five statues of Dharma Raja, Indra, Vayu and the Ashvins. The ribbon-light wall slowly change into a bunch of tiny bright spots like stars, but coming closer, they were actually the tips of arrows aiming at the soon to be claimed demigods. The arrows cut through the air and the sound they make was halfway between a wince and a whistle, but they won't hit the demigods until they perform the pranama on each of the statues.

Rick Riordan Presents

Pandava Quartet

Aru Shah and the End of Time

Boo summons the Makara to take Aru Shah and Mini, the reincarnations of two of the Pandavas, the Court of the Sky to get weapons.

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