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Dólii (pronounced DOH-lee) is the herald of Tsoodził, the southern most mountain of Dinétah, the traditional Navajo homeland and mountain of day.

Race to the Sun

He and Tsídii are called to Sisnaajiní to aid the lasted inheritors of the hero twin’s power in their quest. He takes Mac Begay and Mr. Yazzie to Tsoodził to get the turquoise he needs for the meeting with Spider Woman. When they reach his mountain they have trouble finding Turquoise Boy and when they do a storm appears. When he makes a sharp turn Mr. Yazzie loses his grip and Mac is forced to lose the turquoise to save the horned toad. When they reach Canyon de Chelly they tell the others what happened and Nizhoni offers her necklace to replace it. They then head out to Spider Woman.

A day later he and Turquoise Boy fly to the House of the Sun along with the other heralds and guardians and warn them the Bináá' yee aghání have escaped. He and flies Turquoise Boy, Mac, and Mr. Yazzie to Shiprock. He helps take out the Bináá yee aghání that have been blinded. He is tackled by a buzzard and losses control, in that moment of confusion Mac falls off his back, however the boy is saved by Spider Woman.


Dólii is a large bird with blue feathers big enough to carry an adolescent child.

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