Shut up, Lucky. In the real world, accidents happen. Strings break sometimes."

– Damien to Chiara in The Hidden Oracle

Damien White is a Greek demigod son of Mr. White, a human and Nemesis, the minor goddess of retribution, vengeance, balance, and justice.


Damien grew up like most demigods. When Damien was old enough he was brought to Camp Half-Blood by an unknown person. 

The Trials of Apollo

The Hidden Oracle


Nemesis, his mother.

When Meg is claimed, Damien thinks that the symbol over Meg McCaffrey's head is the communist symbol. He is corrected by Billie Ng, who says that it is Demeter's symbol.

The next day in Woodrow's music lessons, he breaks the D-String of a guitar. After Apollo starts to play, he and Chiara sob in each other's arms, hitting each other and cursing. When Apollo drops the guitar, he completely destroys it.

While the camp is under attack, he appears with Chiara, Billie, and Paolo setting up ballistae. After the camp is saved, he claims to be "sick" after hearing that Chiara is ill.


Damien appears to be sometimes violent. He breaks a guitar's D-String and later smashes it. When Leo, Festus, and Calypso return to camp, he punches Leo (even though he probably doesn't know him) and then gets back into the line.


Chiara Benvenuti

When Woodrow the satyr was teaching music class, Damien broke the D String of the guitar that Chiara wanted to use, causing her to become angry at him. When Apollo played the guitar, he and Chiara were sobbing in each other's arms while hitting and cursing at each other. After this, Damien also "reduces the guitar to kindling and wires," causing Chiara to call him an idiot in Italian, for she will never get to use the guitar.

During Harley's Three-Legged Death Race, Chiara was partnered with Damien.

When the plague affected the camp, though, Apollo noticed that right after Chiara became ill, Damien fell ill as well.


  • Damien calls Chiara "Lucky"
  • He is the second known son of Nemesis, after Ethan Nakamura.
  • In The Hidden Oracle, Apollo can't decide whether to flirt with Chiara and steal her from Damien or flirt with Damien and steal him from Chiara.