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Hey, man. Bad vibes. I got a game happening.

–Darrin, in The Lightning Thief.

Darrin is a human born in 1964. In 1977, at the age of thirteen, he became trapped inside the Lotus Hotel and Casino.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Lightning Thief

While slowly being trapped inside the Lotus Hotel and Casino, Percy Jackson starts to suspect something is wrong. His first major clue appears in the form of Darrin, a young boy playing a game of VR sharpshooters. When Percy tries to talk to him, he comments that he has been at the casino for about two weeks and the games just keep getting better. During their conversation, he uses out of date slang like "groovy" and had never heard the word "sick" being used to describe something cool.

When Percy starts asking him more questions, he becomes bored and turns his attention back to the game. When Percy asked him what year it was in real life, Darrin is forced to think about it and replies that it is 1977. After that, he completely shuts out Percy and goes back to playing his game.


Darrin is mostly laid back and seems to only care about video games, which is most likely a result of the Lotus Hotel. He tends to avoid anyone he gets "bad vibes" from and will shut them out if they interrupt his games.


Darrin wears bell-bottom jeans and a red T-shirt with black piping. His hair is permed and gelled "like a New Jersey girl's on homecoming night." Percy described him as looking like "some Elvis impersonator's son."

Percy Jackson (film series)

The Lightning Thief (film)

In the film, Darrin is playing a pinball machine based off a movie, The French Connection. Percy recognizes it as an old movie, while Darrin says it recently came out.