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Hey, I'm half-Diné, aren't I? I care about our people’s future. And if I remember correctly, that cart lady gave you three lunches, not just two. So clearly I'm supposed to be involved.

–Davery telling Nizhoni he is supposed to come with her and Mac, in Race to the Sun.

Davery Dallas Descheny (pronounced day-vur-ee) is the co-deuteratagonist, along with Mac Begay, in Race to the Sun. He is the best friend of Nizhoni Begay.


Early Life

Davery was born to a Navajo father and an African American mother, both of whom are very supportive and encouraging of him. His father is the head of his school's library system and he spent most of his younger days researching various topics in books.

He has at least one sibling, an older brother, who lets him use his credit card to buy online games and Davery would pay him back with his allowance.

When Davery was in the second grade his parents came to his class to watch him read his book report to his classmates. A classmate of his, Laurie Wilder, asked if he was "really Indian" after seeing his parents in a multiracial relationship.

Transferring Schools

When he was ten or eleven, Davery and his friend Nizhoni Begay transferred to the Intertribal Community Charter School, a school where the staff and student body are all Native American. After transferring he founded the school's Ancestor Club, where he serves as the club president.

Race to the Sun

At the basketball game, he passes the ball to Nizhoni, who is distracted, and she gets hit in the face. He stays with her until she wakes up and talks with her before they leave. They find her father and she asks if he can join them for frozen yogurt, but he says his new boss from Landrush Oil and Gas is in town and wants to take the Begays to dinner. Davery says he will wait at the school for his father.

The following day he is working on a replica of a traditional Navajo home in the school library for Ancestor Club. Nizhoni meets up with him reveals that she can see monsters, Davery believes her and they do some research in the reference section and, using a code his father gave him to get past the school's censorship barriers, they see what they can find. They find a few tabloid articles at first before finding articles of Mr. Charles shaking hands with the president and revealing he has fracked on tribal lands against the tribe's wishes. Nizhoni tells him a name that Mr. Yazzie told her and they find that it translates to Spider Woman. When the bell rings he offers Nizhoni to come to ancestors club during lunch to try and learn more, she accepts his offer.

During a meeting of the Ancestor Club, Nizhoni barges into the library and pulls him aside to tell him Mr. Charles has kidnapped her father and they do some research. They find out that Spider Woman lives at Spider Rock in the Arizona section of the Navajo Nation. As he buys tickets for himself and the Begay siblings with his brother's credit card, the principal calls Mac and Nizhoni to her office and he tells her to go and to meet him at the train station in an hour. He later texts Nizhoni to warn her that school security is looking for her and Mac.

As Davery waits at the bus stop, Adrien Cuttlebush comes up to him and asks him about the Begay siblings. He refuses to answer and he is followed to the the train station. He jumps on the train and meets up with the Nizhoni and Mac. As they eat Nizhoni reads a note that was included in their lunch and he realizes it is a message to help them. As he and Mac talk Nizhoni falls asleep, they fall asleep soon after. When they wake up they find themselves alone on the train as it travels up the side of a mountain. Soon Mr. Yazzie comes to life and informs the Begays, along with Davery who can understand him, that the siblings are descendants of Changing Woman and her sons the Hero Twins, Monsterslayer and Born of Water. He explains what Mr. Charles is and what his plans are. When he informs them they can fail and die, he still agrees to join the siblings as the train stops.

They exit and Mr. Yazzie informs them they are on Sisnaajiní, the eastern most mountain of Dinétah, the traditional Navajo homeland, and to find a perfect white shell before moving on to the other three mountains to find objects there as well for Spider Woman. Davery realizes this from the prophecy. When he and Mac have second thoughts, Nizhoni gives a pep talk before an arrow nearly hits her. The three put their hands up and a teenage boy made a crystal appears out of nowhere and asks what they are doing on the mountain. When Nizhoni mentions Mr. Yazzie, he warms up to them and introduces himself as Rock Crystal Boy before taking them back to his hogan to warm up. After introducing themselves by name and clan, with him naming his mother’s clan as African American, they explain they are looking for a perfect white shell for Spider Woman and Rock Crystal Boy takes them to a pile of white shells the size of a three story house. When RC leaves he, Mac, and Mr. Yazzie climb the pile to find the perfect shell but Nizhoni finds it. As they climb down a large bird lands by them and Mr. Yazzie introduces her as Łizhin, the herald of Dibé Ntsaa, the northern most mountain. She says the mountain's guardian, Jet Girl, is missing and Nizhoni, must go with her. After stressing the danger and urgency of the situation, Mr. Yazzie feels it is best if they spit up and sends him to Dook'o'oosłííd to find the abalone Shell as Łizhin calls the others mountain heralds to take them. The herald of Dook'o'oosłííd, Tsídii, arrives to take him to her mountain to find the shell.

He reaches Dook'o'oosłííd and finds its guardian Abalone Shell Boy, the guardian treats him coldly at first, but after he talks about fossilized seashells Abalone Shell Boy gives him a shell off his shoulder. Having successfully gotten the abalone shell, he regroups with the others at Canyon de Chelly. After learning Mac lost the turquoise, Nizhoni offers her necklace as an alternative and they fly off to meet Spider Woman.

They reach her trailer and the holy person lets them inside. When they give her the offerings and ask for the map to the Glittering World, however she reveals she does not have it, but they are already there and takes them outside to prove it. She lets them stay the night and has them help with dinner. He stirs beans until Mac nicks himself cut tomatoes and switches with him. After dinner they head to sleep and tells Nizhoni to reveal the truth about her father to Mac.

In the morning, Spider Woman wakes them up before dawn and takes them to the rainbow road in the rain. At first they do not see it, but they do after a moment. Spider Woman wishes them luck before leaving them start their trial. He examines the song and finds lyrics referring to the trials. As they set out, Davery sees Nizhoni is about to walk of a cliff, he tries to warn her but he is to late. He and Mac slide down the ledge after her and end up in a canyon. They look up to find the rainbow road has nearly vanished and hear a rock formation calling out to them. When Mr. Yazzie, who they left at Spider Woman's trailer, suddenly appears Mac goes after him and vanishes. Soon the canyon walls start to close in on him and Nizhoni. Nizhoni breaks a branch off of a nearby tree and uses it to stop the walls, it works temporarily. They jump into a nearby cave and Nizhoni runs ahead. When he catches up to her she tells him Mr. Charles has Mac and her pulls her up to get away from the crushing walls. They escape just as the walls close in and find the rainbow road. As Nizhoni cries over her brother, he reassures her Mac is alright due to his ancestral powers and that if Mr. Charles has him, then he is with their father. As they wade through a field of reeds that gets sharper they realize this is the trial. Nizhoni covers herself in mud to protect herself from the reeds and he follows suit. However as they finish it starts to rain and they make it out covered in cuts and scratches. They see the rainbow road leading to what looks like a school gymnasium with music coming from it and go up to it.

They find a bunch of teenagers at prom and they try to leave as fast as possible but the students convince them to stay. They dance and have refreshments and forget why they are their. However a song jogs Nizhoni's memories and she pulls him away from the girls he was talking with. As the prom goers try to get them to stay, Nizhoni pulls the fire alarm to distract them and they escape. They notice that hours have passed since they entered and Nizhoni fears they will not make it to the last trial in time, however Davery thinks the last trial has come to them. They end up surrounded by mirrors and he theorizes that the trials react differently to those who take them. As they inspect the mirrors, Nizhoni disappears and reappears a minute later. He asks his friend what happened and she tells him about her vision of her mother leaving her family and she has a fit. He calms her down and they go over to the next mirror and close their eyes before looking into it. However he vanishes when Nizhoni opens her eyes.

When Nizhoni reaches the House of the Sun, Jóhonaa'éí tells her he and Mac are in the lost and found. While he is encased in amber he dreams he is in a library looking for how to defeat Mr. Charles. When Nizhoni sacrifices her opportunity to be a hero he and the others are freed. Nizhoni hugs him and gives him the book Jóhonaa'éí made for him before introducing him to her mother. He steps aside the let the Begays have a family reunion and goes outside with the others when the guardians and heralds arrive to tell them the monsters are free. He, Mac, and Bethany mount the heralds with him riding Tsídii with Yellow Corn Girl. After Nizhoni is told she can fight with them, she joins the group as they head to Shiprock.

As they reach Shiprock, he searched his book for how to defeat the monsters as Tsídii and Yellow Corn Girl takes them out. He finds out how to defeat the Bináá' yee aghání and goes over to Nizhoni, he tells his friend she has to jump to defeat the enemy and she steels herself to do so. When Bethany and Nizhoni take out the blockade, he helps catch his friends mother when she jumps off the white herald.

Davery and Bethany land and congratulate Nizhoni on defeating Mr. Charles. When Spider Woman returns Mac they hug him. When the Begay sibling's grandmother arrives she gives them a ride to her house. He asks Nizhoni if she is alright with the kids at school not knowing what she did, she says it is fine as all the important people already know what she did.

The Cursed Carnival and Other Calamities: New Stories About Mythic Heroes

The Demon Drum

One day, Nizhoni's father dropped her off at school somewhat late, earning her the annoyed glance of him and the other club members. As the Ancestors Club is heading to the All-Nations Assembly Powwow, they wait for Nizhoni, who arrives almost fifteen minutes late. She apologizes saying his dad, who is driving them, is not present, but he enters soon after. After making sure they have lunch and spending money, they head out. As they drive away from the school, he and Nizhoni silently express their belief that no monsters will be at the powwow.

When they arrive, they are amazed by the sheer size of the crowd. Mr. Descheny tells them to stay in groups as he saves seats in the main arena. They look at the sections outside the arena, food vendors, hip hop, and merchandise. He suggests they try fry bread tacos and Nizhoni seconds him, however Toni, the new girl, is reluctant, her father ingraining a healthy diet into her. However Davery convinces her to try one. He, Nizhoni, and Maya order fry bread while Darcy and Kody head to the hip hop showing. Toni does not order anything goes off on her own when she is asked to get napkins. Nizhoni gets the napkins and takes a bite of fry bread when she returns, but it tastes rancid to her while the others say it tastes fine. She hears a drum and they head to the hip hop venue. The performers, MC ThunderKat and DJ KareBare, have a muffled argument before starting their performance. Maya goes to check out the flee market. While he and the others like the music, it sounds like nails on a chalkboard to Nizhoni as she complains about the drumming getting louder, but he also the others do not hear a drum. Nizhoni leaves to checkout the flee market to find something for her mother. Nizhoni and Maya meet back up to find the others just as the hip hop show is canceled. They begrudgingly head inside as Nizhoni pulls him behind. She explains that she senses something is off and Davery realizes that everything makes sense. As they think of a monster that can do something like that, they both realize it is the drums. They spot six when they go into the arena and decide to tell the others about Nizhoni's abilities and find Toni.

They find Toni in the back of the stands and Nizhoni tells everyone about her abilities and responsibilities as a monsterslayer. The others think she is crazy, but he says she is telling the truth. Maya, Kody, and Darcy believe her and agree to help as she explains one of the six drums is causing everything to go wrong. However Toni feels she is crazy and opts not to help. The five then put Nizhoni's plan into action. The five make their way to the stage and wait for the intertribal dancing to start so that they could get on stage. They dance with the crowd and each test five of the drums, all five sound normal leaving the one Toni was supposed to inspect as the culprit. As if on que, Toni dances by and tests the drum, resulting in the wrong sound to come out and it starts to transform into a humanoid deer monster. Toni runs away screaming and Nizhoni tries to hit with a drumstick to no avail. After he believes drumsticks do not work on it, Toni returns with a blanket and a large water bottle. She squirts it and the monster shrinks to a fraction of it's original size as Nizhoni wraps it in a blanket.

Afterwards the Ancestor's Club returns to her house to tell Mac, who stayed home due to a broken arm, about it.


Davery is an adolescent boy who is half-Native American and half-African American. He has short curly black hair, brown eyes and dark skin. He wears glasses.


Davery is a kind and intelligent person and a loyal friend. He enjoys learning about things and is quite open minded, instantly believing Nizhoni when she said she can see monsters. He is also patient and caring, as he listened to Mac talk about his favorite snack food and tried to comfort him when he lost the turquoise.

He is very interested in and proud of his Diné heritage and wants others to feel the same about their heritage, as Davery started his school’s ancestors club to have other students embrace their heritage.


  • Intelligence: Davery is quite intelligent for someone his age.
  • Photographic Memory: Davery remembers a majority of what he studies and reads.


  • Book: Forged by Jóhonaa'éí at Nizhoni's request, the book is a small book that reveals how to destroy one's enemies.



Davery is close to his father, often asking him for different topics to research, much to his father's enthusiasm.

Davery is close to his mother. She is very supportive of him in anyway she can be, such as watching him read his book report to his second grade class.

Davery has a trusting relationship with his older brother, he allows Davery to use his credit card to buy online games that he pays him back with his allowance.


Nizhoni Begay, his friend.

Davery and Nizhoni met at a young age due to their father's being college friends and they enjoy each other’s company. When she told him she could see monsters, he instantly believed her.

During the trials he would calm her when Mac disappeared and she saw a vision of her mother leaving her and her family. When they took on the Bináá' yee aghání at Shiprock, he looks up how the take the demon birds out.

During the All-Nations Assembly Powwow, he helps her convince the other members of the Ancestors Club that her powers are real, showing his loyalty and friendship with Nizhoni.

Mac Begay, his friend.

Davery knows Mac through their respective fathers and his older sister, Davery's other friend; they are friendly and civil towards one another. He would politely listen to Mac when he went on about hot Cheetos. When Mac lost the turquoise upon leaving Tsoodził, he tried to cheer him up.

He visits Mac after the other boy breaks his arm skateboarding, showing he is concerned for his friend.


  • Davery is a combination of the names David, meaning "beloved" and "uncle" in Hebrew, and Avery, a unisex given name and surname of English origin.
  • Dallas is a surname of British and Scottish origins.
  • Descheny is is surname of Navajo origin.


  • Davery is half-African American and half-Native American to reflect on author Rebecca Roanhorse, who is also half-African American and half-Native American.
  • He is lactose intolerant, making him the second known character after Frank Zhang and the first character in the Rick Riordan Presents imprint with the condition.
  • Davery is the third fully human character, second in the imprint, to join a demigod or legacy on a quest, after Rachel Elizabeth Dare in the Camp Half-Blood series and Hondo Obispo in the Storm Runner Trilogy.
  • He enjoys grape soda.
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