Dionysus GN

Dionysus, who helps grow the strawberries.

Delphi Strawberry Service is the cover name for Camp Half-Blood. The camp grows strawberries to pay for their expenses.

The campers help pick and grow the strawberries. The satyrs play magical tunes on their reed pipes to increase the strawberry produce. Dionysus and his children, Pollux (and Castor, formerly), use their powers to grow the strawberries as well.

"Delphi Strawberry Service" is printed on the vans CHB uses for quests, or strawberry deliveries. The camp fences have a sign that says: "Pick Your Own Strawberries Please".

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Lightning Thief

When Percy Jackson leaves the beach at Montauk and flees to Camp-Half Blood with his mother and Grover Underwood, he reads signs saying "Pick Your Own Strawberries" on white picket fences. Annabeth later tells him the signs are present to make mortals see Camp Half-Blood as a strawberry field. Although the name "Delphi Strawberry Service" isn't mentioned, Chiron explains to Percy that they grow strawberries for export to restaurants in New York and Mount Olympus. The camp director, Mr. D (Dionysus), god of wine, can make fruit-bearing plants grow with no effort. Although his power works best for wine grapes, Mr. D is forbidden to drink wine or grow grapes.

The Last Olympian

When the campers head to Queens-Midtown Tunnel, they travel in three white vans that have the sign Delphi Strawberry Service. One van is driven by Argus and the other two by harpies.

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