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Demigod Abilities are the inherited powers of a demigod from their godly parent or ancestor in the case of a legacy. Although most share at least one (though most share two) trait of ADHD or Dyslexia (though some like Frank Zhang don't possess these traits), their abilities are dependent on their divine parentage. In The Lost Hero, the gods are shown to be able to influence what powers their children possess. They can also see through the Mist, though they may still be fooled when the Mist is very tightly woven. This Clear Sight is not exclusive to just demigods, as some  mortals may have this ability as well.

Note: Does not include abilities of demigods from Rick Riordan Presents as they are not canon to his work. This page only includes demigod abilities of half-bloods that are confirmed to exist within the series.

Standard Abilities

There are general abilities that all demigods possess which includes:

  • Superhuman Strength: Demigods are far stronger and more robust than humans.
  • Superhuman Speed: Demigods are far faster and more mobile than humans.
  • Superhuman Agility: Demigods are far more agile and dexterous than humans.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Demigods have far superior stamina and endurance than humans.
  • Superhuman Durability: Demigods are far tougher and more durable than humans.
  • Above-Normal Healing Factor: Demigods can recover faster than humans and are more resistant to ailments.
  • Heightened Senses: Demigods five senses (e.g. sight, touch, hearing, etc.) and instincts are far more acute than humans.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: Demigods have far superior reflexes and coordination than humans.
  • Foresight: Under important circumstances, demigods often receives dreams indicative of what may happen in the future which are usually cryptic in nature. The visions they receive aren't limited to the future, as they can be brought back to the past or in an even rarer case, a currently present scene in an astral body. The visions they sustain could also be a message from an outside entity, likely a deity or some other immortal.

Greco-Roman Demigods

Children of Zeus/Jupiter

Main article: Electrokinesis
Main article: Aerokinesis
Main article: Atmokinesis

Zeus' children have command over the domain of heaven as their father is lord of the sky. Born to one of the Big Three, they are more powerful than normal demigods. In addition to natural leadership ability, they are known to possess great bravery and strength. They also have control over Electrokinesis and Aerokinesis. Electrokinesis can be used to control electricity, from being able to withstand powerful electric shocks that normal humans can't withstand to being able to summon lightning bolts. Aerokinesis can be used to control air and fly with practice. In The Lost Hero, Jason Grace showed that children of Zeus/Jupiter have the ability to fly by controlling the winds, something which hasn't been shown before since Thalia Grace was scared of heights.

Children of Poseidon/Neptune

Main article: Hydrokinesis  
Main article: Geokinesis
Main article: Atmokinesis
Main article: Cryokinesis
Main article: Electrokinesis 
Main article: Zoolingualism (limited to horses and sea creatures) 
Main article: Shapeshifting

Poseidon's children are stronger than most demigods as their father is one of the Big Three. Aside from standard demigod capabilities, most of them have power over his domain with the capacity to generate earthquakes and hurricanes and control and create water, even when far away from water sources, such as when Percy Jackson caused Mt. Saint Helens to erupt in The Battle of the Labyrinth. They can also communicate telepathically with sea creatures, and equine creatures since Poseidon created horses. They also have limited control over ice, wind, electricity and cold. Another ability they possess is healing quickly when they are in water, as shown after Percy was attacked by a Hellhound in The Lightning Thief. Descendants of Periclymenus, a grandson of Poseidon, possess the ability of shapeshifting into animals, such as Frank Zhang. However, they do not have the abilities that other children of Poseidon have, possibly because they are only legacies rather than demigods and shapeshifting was a family gift from Poseidon. While in Tartarus in The House of Hades, Percy was able to take control of Akhlys' poison and nearly kill the primordial goddess despite how vastly powerful she is.

Children of Demeter/Ceres

Main article: Chlorokinesis

Demeter's children are altruistic and passive half-bloods. Demigods of agriculture, they are diligent workers and naturally have a green thumb. They can manipulate crops among other forms of flora. They're also great cooks as shown in The Last Olympian. Most of Demeter's children can do little more than make crops grow and keep bacterial fungi at bay, while others have much larger degrees of ability, such as being able to summon Karpoi, sensing the growth of plants, telekinetically moving plants, and teleporting through plants, like Meg.

Children of Ares/Mars

Main article: Telumkinesis
Main article: Ares' Blessing
Main article: Odikinesis

The children of Ares are more aggressive and martial than most demigods. As offspring of the war god, they have incredible martial abilities with an extensive knowledge of combat, as well as, superior strength and overall physical prowess. They also have superior mastery of many different types of weapons, being able to use them effectively even without practice. Some are even given a blessing of invincibility by their father for their bold courage and righteous wrath in battle. Children of Mars have these abilities, but tend to be more calm and rule abiding.

Children of Athena

Main article: Telumkinesis
Main article: Weaving

Although she is a virgin goddess, Athena conceives offspring through a meeting of minds with her lovers. Demigods of war and wisdom, Athena's children excel in intellectual pursuits, and have exceptional skill in warfare, particularly strategy. Children of Athena are masters at invention, architecture and strategy and have an extremely high knowledge and skill with weaponry even without prior mastery of the weapon. In The Mark of Athena, Annabeth was shown to be able to weave an owl-patterned bridge to escape Arachne's spiders with no prior knowledge. 

Children of Apollo

Main article: Biokinesis
Main article: Prophecy (Ability)
Main article: Photokinesis
Main article: Audiokinesis

Apollo's children are superior archers, healers, and musicians. They are additionally shown to be able to afflict others with curses such as rhymed speech due to their father's position as the god of poetry. In ancient times, many of Apollo's children were blessed with foresight. Some descendants of Apollo, like Halcyon Green and Octavian, can interpret the will of the gods, while others like William Shakespeare have become famed poets. Some of them may have some control over fire and light, although this is quite rare. Some descendants of Apollo may also be able to use their musical abilities in battle, such as when Will Solace produced an extremely high pitched whistle against the Romans when they attacked Camp Half Blood. It is possible some demigods of Apollo are able to glow, as Will Solace did in the The Tower of Nero, something that surprised and impressed even Apollo himself. However, at least some children of Apollo appear to inherit one of his domains more strongly than the others with Will complaining in The Blood of Olympus that he's only a healer and lacks the customary archery skills of his siblings.

Hunters of Artemis/Diana

Main article: Artemis' Blessing

Artemis has no children as she is sworn to remain a virgin goddess. However, she does have a group called the Hunters of Artemis who occasionally visit Camp Half-Blood. The Hunters of Artemis are immortal unless they die in combat or break their vows to swear off love of any kind. They have great archery skills like Artemis and are also skilled in the use of knives. The Hunters are also stronger, faster, and more durable than normal demigods. They can also talk with wolves and other predatory animals.

Children of Hephaestus/Vulcan

Main article: Technokinesis
Main article: Pyrokinesis

Like their father, children of Hephaestus are greatly skilled builders and craftsmen. Their talent as engineers are second to none and they can instinctively detect, identify, and operate any piece of machinery. In rare cases, they are blessed with the ability to create and control fire, such as Leo Valdez, and or possible control over lava and volcanoes. However, this ability can sometimes result in terrifying consequences which is why this power is rarely granted to demigods.

Children of Aphrodite/Venus

Main article: Charmspeak
Main article: Amokinesis
Main article: Shapeshifting

Aphrodite's children are more attractive and have subtler powers compared to other demigods. With their mother being the goddess of beauty and love, they are natural experts in fashion and matchmaking with control over jewelry and makeup as well as skill in love magic. They also seem to have a greater clarity and sharper focus than most demigods, though many lack interest in fighting compared to other demigods. They have the same affinity for French, the language of love, as all demigods do for Greek or Latin. Some are even able to influence others with the strength of their voices using Charmspeak to manipulate other's thoughts, such as Piper McLean and Drew Tanaka. They can change their physical features such as their skin, hair, clothes, body, etc.

Children of Hermes/Mercury

Main article: Clauditiskinesis

Children of Hermes are more cunning and nimble than other demigods. Because Hermes is the god of dexterity, his children are considered to be very versatile in any skill. In particular they excel in athletics as well as business and thievery, being able to magically sense and pick locks.

Children of Dionysus/Bacchus

Main article: Chlorokinesis

The powers of Dionysus' children are connected to those of Demeter's children. They promote the growth of vegetation (such as vines), especially wine grapes. Furthermore, they are able to both cause and cure insanity, as their father is the god of madness, and may have some power of alcohol and drinks.

Children of Hades/Pluto

Main article: Necromancy (Camp Half-Blood)
Main article: Osteokinesis
Main article: Umbrakinesis
Main article: Geokinesis
Main article: Ferrokinesis

The power of Hades' children is greater than most demigods due to their father's status as one of the Big Three. As demigods of the Underworld, they have control over all that is subject to his kingdom beneath the earth. In particular, their geokinetic abilities surpass those of Poseidon's children, being able to open up fissures in the earth. They also have the ability to shadow-travel, teleporting between shadows. However, this ability is much more potent in children of Hades. Other abilities are different between children of Hades and Pluto. Children of Hades have control over the dead, including the abilities of Necromancy and Osteokinesis, while children of Pluto have control over riches, including the ability to summon gemstones and precious metals from under the earth. Children of Pluto also have more powerful Geokinesis, being able to move dirt and rocks with ease. They also have the ability to detect tunnels, along with the ability to navigate them perfectly.

Children of Iris/Arcus

Main article: Photokinesis

Even though they do not have extraordinary powers, the children of Iris are exceptionally skilled as artists and communicators. Some children of Iris may be able to manipulate light or rainbows as Iris is the goddess of rainbows. Some, if not all, may be able to move at high speeds like Butch Walker.

Children of Hypnos/Somnus

Main article: Hypnokinesis

The children of Hypnos are powerful yet underestimated demigods, possessing an intimate control and knowledge of their father's domain and the metaphysical world respectively.

Children of Nemesis

Main article: Tychokinesis

Nemesis' children have the power of Tychokinesis, possibly other abilities involving Nemesis's domain such as the ability to manipulate justice, vengeance, retribution and punishment. They are also very loyal to their allies and merciless to their enemies. Like their mother, they have a strong sense of justice and balance. Nemesis' children never forget an insult and believe people that are full of themselves should be brought down.

Children of Nike/Victoria

Nike's children are highly competitive and intensely driven, causing them to excel as both athletes and fighters. They most probably win in things that rely on luck as their mother is the goddess of victory, they're also faster than a normal average demigod and may have some power over victory and competitions. 

Children of Hebe/Juventas

Main article: Hebekinesis

Like Iris' children, Hebe's children do not have any incredible powers but they do possess a youthful appearance and are noted for being exceptional social workers. Hebe's children can control and manipulate youth, as well they take a longer time to grow old. They can also recover from even the most severe injuries, as shown by Paolo Montes who lost both legs and one arm.

Children of Tyche/Fortuna

Main article: Tychokinesis

Tyche's children love games of chance. It is not advisable to bet against them as they have an uncanny ability of winning when it seems unlikely. They have the power to manipulate luck.

Children of Hecate/Trivia

Main article: Mystiokinesis
Main article: Mist Control
Main article: Necromancy (Camp Half-Blood)
Main article: Umbrakinesis

Hecate's children are powerful demigods and are the only demigods who can truly cast magic. They are able to utilize all ranges of magic, sorcery, and witchcraft. They can also control the Mist. Some, if not all, either have either necromancy or controlling darkness or both. Like their mother, their magic is strongest at night and weakest during the day.

Children of Boreas/Aquilon

Main article: Aerokinesis
Main article: Cryokinesis 
Main article: Seasons Alteration

Boreas' children have complete control over the cold and snow due to their father's position as the god of winter, they can influence the air as their father is one of the four winds. As their father is the god of winter, children of Boreas/Aquilon may be able to have some influence over winter itself - possibly causing their surrounding environment to become winter.

Children of Bellona

Main article: Telumkinesis
Main article: Odikinesis

Children of Bellona have skills related to those of Mars/Ares' children in that they are natural weapon experts and are skilled in hand-to-hand combat. They can also share their strength with their allies, a power which is stronger in larger groups. They also seem to show proficient leadership skills, as Reyna is the praetor of Camp Jupiter and Hylla is the queen of the Amazons. Bellona's children may have some power over destruction.

Children of Orcus

Main article: Necromancy (Camp Half-Blood)

Children of Orcus can command the souls of those who have broken oaths in life. These souls are extremely powerful and hard to destroy, even for a child of Hades.

Children of Janus

Children of Janus can likely control or have some sway over time to an extent, they, like their father may be gifted with the ability to see into the future and past (possibly just one of the two). Janus' children may be able to control some of the other things involved in his domains (Transitions, Beginnings, Endings, Duality, Doorways, Choices, Gateways, Passages).

Children of Notus/Auster

Main article: Pyrokinesis
Main article: Thermokinesis
Main article: Aerokinesis
Main article: Seasons Alteration

Children of Notus/Auster are most likely able to manipulate heat and or fire through their father's connection to Summer, they may also be able to manipulate wind as their father is the god of the south wind. Finally, Children of Notus/Auster are probably able to influence the season of Summer in some way or another - causing their environment to become Summer possibly. With on the summer influence they are possibly stronger and faster.

Children of Terpsichore

Children of Terpsichore are shown to have high stamina reserves and a knack for dancing. They also possess a natural talent for dance, picking up naturally on any style they choose.

Children of Cardea

Main article: Technokinesis

Children of Cardea are shown to be skilled engineers.

Children of Mefitis

Children of Mefitis are able to generate a foul smelling odor similar to rotten eggs.

Norse Demigods

Children of Frey

Main article: Alf Seidr
Main article: Seasons Alteration
Main article: Chlorokinesis

Frey's children can use Elf Magic, withstand both temperature extremes, and alter the seasons to a slight degree. With these abilities they are able to disarm opponents with the Peace of Frey and heal others.

Children of Loki

Main article: Shapeshifting
Main article: Mystiokinesis

Children of Loki can sense monsters and are able to shapeshift. This shapeshifting links them with Loki's influence if they have not fully mastered the ability as their own. Some, if not all, can also utilize magic.

Children of Thor

Main article: Electrokinesis

Children of Thor are shown to be strong and capable fighters, able to hold their own against many opponents at once. It can be assumed that they have control over lightning

Children of Tyr

Children of Tyr are shown to be formidable and loyal fighters who never give up in battle. Whenever challenged they can never turn it down. 

Children of Frigg

Children of Frigg are shown to be great diplomats and good at keeping order among their peers.

Children of Odin

Main article: Mystiokinesis
Main article: Shapeshifting
Main article: Odikinesis
Main article: Necromancy (Camp Half-Blood)

While not demonstrated, children of Odin are likely very wise, like children of Athena. They possibly have control of magic and are experts at runes as Odin being the god of magic. They may sometimes shapeshift. They are good poets too. They might be aggressive and martial like children of Ares/Mars. They possibly excel at fighting and sometimes have a limited control over the dead.

Children of Heimdall

While not demonstrated, their senses are very high. They can see, hear, and smell people and things within a wide radius. Children of Heimdall can hear frequencies that no other person can hear, see in every light, taste flavors that have never been tasted before, but they must focus to use their senses very acutely. They also have a high sense of intuition and can sense danger.

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