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Dharma Raja, also known as Yama, is the Hindu god of Death and Justice.


Dharma Raja was born to Surya, the god of the sun, and Saranyu, the goddess of clouds and daughter of Vishvakarman. It is believed that he was the first person to die. He is also known as Yama or Yamaraja.

One day, a sage named Vājashravasa, offered his son, Nachiketa, to death. He waited three days for Dharma Raja to return, the god felt sorry that Nachiketa didn't have any food or water, guests were considered equal to gods and causing trouble to them is a great sin. So he agreed to give Nachiketa three boons of his choice, one for each day. Nachiketa first asked for peace for his father and himself, next he wished to learn the sacred fire sacrifice, and finally he wanted to learn of what comes after death. Dharma Raja was reluctant on that last offer, he said that it's a mystery to even gods. He offered many materiel gains but Nachiketa said they would only last until tomorrow. Dharma Raja was secretly pleased, so he taught him of Brahmin, the supreme spirit and vital force in the universe, and Nachiketa was freed from the cycle of births.[1]

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Aru Shah and the End of Time

His danda stick

A statue of Dharma Raja appeared before Aru Shah and Mini during their Claiming ceremony. Aru wasn't so sure if she wanted him as her spiritual father, his son was Yudhistira the wise and just, it would way too much pressure. Dharma Raja actually turned out to be Mini's father, the statue's danda stick shattered the arrows heading towards her but she was very upset. As one studying to become a doctor, she was hoping her father would be one of the Ashvins, she didn't want to be the Daughter of Death, but Aru comforts her by saying she can sense death. Mini reveals that she got a compact mirror when she was claimed by Dharma Raja, Hanuman says that the god is enigmatic.

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A statue of Dharma Raja was as gray as ash, two sharp tusks curled from under his lip. In one hand, he held his danda stick, the rod used for punishing souls in the afterlife. In the other hand, he held the noose he used to rope the souls of the dead.


  • Necromancy: As the god of death, it is likely that he can manipulate the dead.


  • Another name for Dharma Raja is Yama, which meant "twin".[2] Dharma Raja can also be another name for Yudhishthira.
  • His Greek/Roman counterparts are Hades/Pluto, Thanatos/Letus and Themis/Dice/Justice.
  • His Egyptian equivalent is Osiris and Maât.
  • His Norse equivalent is Hel and Forseti.
  • His Mayan equivalent is Ah-Puch.


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