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The Dining Pavilion in the film adaptation

The Dining Pavilion is an area of Camp Half-Blood where the demigods, satyrs and camp directors eat their meals. The pavilion is framed in Greek columns on a hill that overlooks the sea. There are no walls or roof that cover the mess hall. Torches blaze from the columns and a central fire burning inside a bronze brazier the size of a bathtub. Each table has a white cloth with purple trim. In The Titan's Curse, Nico di Angelo and Percy Jackson were attacked by skeletons that rose out of the ground, while Nico was getting upset with Percy for not keeping his sister, Bianca di Angelo, alive. In an effort to save Percy from them, Nico called on the earth to swallow the warriors and sent them to the Underworld, thus leaving a crevice that was repaired sometime in The Battle of the Labyrinth.

The pavilion's goblets are enchanted, and, on voice command, will be filled with whatever drink you desire (non-alcoholic, even Mr. D is forced to drink Diet Coke). Another quality of the goblets is that they never empty. The type of food in the Pavilion include BBQ, grapes, apples, strawberries, cheese, and fresh bread, that the dryads serve. As stated in The Lightning Thief when they go to Aunty Em's, the food at Camp Half-Blood is healthy.

The tables in the Pavilion are arranged so that there is a table for each god, similar to the cabins. Therefore, children of Hermes sit at the Hermes table, children of Aphrodite at the Aphrodite table, etc. Although children of the Big Three often have to sit on their own anyways, it is expressly forbidden to sit at another god's table. The one exception to this is Nico, who has a doctors note from Will Solace that lets him sit at the Apollo table. Hunters sit at the Artemis table when visiting, and the satyrs and nymphs can sit at any table they please, but generally sit at the table that Dionysus sits at, which is table 12.

Every night the half-bloods tribute a portion of their food to the gods by burning it in the pavilion fire. According to Luke Castellan, the gods like the smell of the burnt food. Hestia takes a small part of each tribute.


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