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Diomedes is a figure in Greek mythology and one of the central characters of the Iliad. The son of Tydeus (hence called Tydides), Diomedes was considered the bravest of all the Greek warriors and served as the commander of the Argive contingent during the Trojan War.


King of Argos, Diomedes fought on the side of the Greeks during the Trojan War. He was one of Helen's suitors, and brought a total of 80 ships set to sail for Troy. Both skilled and courageous, Diomedes was one of the favorites of Athena and was able to wound two Olympians in a single day: Aphrodite when she was rescuing her son Aeneas, and Ares with some assistance by Athena. Alongside Ajax the Greater, he was considered to be one of the greatest of the Achaean warriors in terms of battle prowess, second only to Achilles.

The youngest of the Greek kings, Diomedes was instructed to scout the Trojan camp, and took Odysseus with him.

Also, with the aid of Athena, he performed wondrous acts in Book V of the Iliad, titled "The Acts of Diomed". He fought as a mighty warrior, nearly on par with Achilles himself, and even fought and injured several gods, like Aphrodite and Ares. Athena had given to him the ability to see the gods, and he thus engaged in combat with several of them.

Additionally, he was one of many warriors to sneak into Troy in the Trojan Horse.

After the end of the war, Diomedes returned to Argos safely, though he was met with trouble when he arrived; this was because of the goddess Aphrodite, who, still angered over Diomedes wounding her during the Trojan War, had caused his wife, Aigialeia, to commit adultery against him with a man mamed Kometes. The two tried to kill Diomedes upon his return, but the hero escaped with help from Athena and fled to Italy; there he found refuge in the court of Daunus, king of Apulia (a city in southeastern Italy), who gave Diomedes his daughter, Euippe, for a wife. Diomedes lived happily with Euippe and with her fathered two sons, Diomedes and Amphinomus.

Since Daunus had no male children, the throne then passed onto Diomedes, his son-in-law, upon his death; the hero ruled just and wisely for many years until his death, afterwhich he was buried with divine honors on an island just off the Apulian coast — it was later named "Diomedeia" in honor of him. Diomedes was said to have founded at least ten cities in Italy during his reign, including Beneventum, Canusium, Sipontum, Venafrum, Venusia (Aphrodisia) and Argyripa.


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