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Dionysus' Cabin (#12) is the cabin that houses Dionysus' demigod offspring at Camp Half-Blood. There is only one known camper currently living in there. 


The cabin's roof and walls are lined with grape vines. It has only two known occupants so far. Its relatively small number of demigods is possibly due to his strong dedication to his wife at Olympus. It is unknown what the cabin looks like on the inside.

Known occupants


  • Chlorokinesis: As children of Dionysus, they can control plants, strawberry and grape vines. 
  • They are capable of causing or curing madness.
  • They are really good actors, sometimes using this to their advantage when they get in trouble. 

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  • Castor and Pollux are also the name of the twins that make up the constellation "Gemini".
  • Cabin 12 is the only male god cabin on the female cabin side.
  • In The Blood of Olympus, it is said that descendants of Bacchus are sharing Kool-aid with the Dionysus cabin. This is odd because there was no indication that more than one person currently lived in the cabin.
    • This could also suggest that more children of Dionysus have been claimed, but that would contradict Dionysus idea of only having 2 children at a time so the kids don't outnumber the parents, but admittedly this could apply to having two kids per mortal partner.
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