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Doughboy is a shabti created by Julius Kane. He is activated by the phrase, "tell me what you know". Doughboy has no legs; Julius cut off Doughboy's legs so he will not escape and attempt to murder his masters. Doughboy is prideful and arrogant and seems to despise Magicians, particularly those of the Kane family. He doesn't like his name, Doughboy, and would prefer to be called Supreme-Force-Who-Crushes-His-Enemies. However, Sadie and Carter call him Doughboy anyways, and this makes him irritated and somewhat grumpy.

The Kane Chronicles

The Red Pyramid

In the library of Brooklyn House,  Carter and Sadie discovered Doughboy while exploring their father's workbag; they discovered him by chance when Sadie summoned him by jokingly saying "tell us what you know." Doughboy came to life and provided them with little information. He transformed back into wax after telling Carter and Sadie what he knew, greatly annoying Sadie.

Doughboy later came in handy when Sadie and Carter went to Michel Desjardins house. While Sadie was still in the form of a kite, Carter used Doughboy to find the Book of Overcoming Set. Unfortunately, Desjardins' fruit bats heard the alarm and started attacking Sadie and Carter Kane after Carter returned to his bird form and they flew out the window.

When Carter, Sadie, and Zia Rashid are trying to return to Phoenix, Carter smashes Doughboy into a coat as part of a spell to animate the coat to act as a driver for them in a semi-truck. After the three reunite with Amos, it is unknown what becomes of the coat and Doughboy.


  • In The Red Pyramid graphic, Doughboy controls the feet pedals while Carter steers in the semi truck, instead of being smashed into a coat. In turn, he appeared later in the graphic novel. Also, Sadie uses slightly different words to summon him.
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