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Fairness is but an idea conceived by someone who has the power to make such pronouncements. As for curses themselves, well, they are finicky, spiteful things.

–Aru Shah and the Song of Death

Durvasa ("dur-VAH-suh") is an ancient and powerful sage who appeared in Aru Shah and the Song of Death.


Durvasa was the son of a sage named Atri and his wife, Anasuya. He was born out of Shiva's anger, which is why he is commanding and grumpy. When was wandering the world in a ridiculously good mood, he came across an air nymph and saw her flower garland. He wanted it and the nymph, aware of what happens when he doesn't get his way, gave it to him. After running into Indra while wearing it, Durvasa decided to toss the garland to him and the god placed it on the head of one of his Vahanas: his cloud-spinning elephant, Airvata. But Airvata was irritated by the tickling fragrance of the nectar and threw the wreath on the ground. Angered by this, the sage ended up cursing the gods by casting them down from their positions just like the garland.[2]

Many of Durvasa's curses as well as his boons have been well-known. After Shakuntula failed to notice him visiting her ashram, Durvasa cursed her so that anyone she was thinking of would forget her immediately. However, he gave a ring to her that would make a king she loved remember her. Durvasa also gave Kunti a boon to invoke any god of her choice and bless her with children for offering many comforts, patience, and devotion to him; this resulted in the birth of the Pandavas.

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Aru Shah and the Song of Death

After the reincarnated Pandavas left Kamadeva for the first time, the god of love gives them a card for Durvasa, who will curse them for wasting their time. They didn't use the card until Mini got trapped in the Land of Sleep; the card then led them to the Department of Many Voices.

Durvasa first appeared in his booth looking at his files while demanding the Pandavas. He mentioned someone who had a bad haircut, didn't offer him a place to sit, inquire about his health, and breath through his mouth which Durvasa thought was disgusting. So he cursed that person to make every chocolate chip cookie he reached for turn out to be a cleverly disguised oatmeal raisin. Then he read about someone who wasted his time wishing for a mantra for sleep and then cursing them that both sides of their pillow would be slightly too warm and the door creaks whenever they get sleepy. Other curses included someone's spoon falling in their cereal, fumbling with a credit card at a huge line at Starbucks, and being forced to step out of the shower to get a towel because it's a smidge too far to reach. Aru Shah remembered him as the sage who cursed the gods to lose their immortality. He knew why they were at the DMV for him, and Aiden Acharya explained that Mini knew the name of the thief who stole Kamadeva's bow and arrow which was needed for her soul song. Durvasa thought about the request, but decided against it and just left.

Aru and Brynne Rao tried to change his mind with Oreos and lasagna, but the former food makes his teeth bad and he despises the latter. He reappeared behind them in the cosmic gallery when they were looking at a statue of Shakuntula and remembering her story. Aru Shah tried to show him Vajra to prove that they were divine but the lightning bolt just zoomed back into her pocket. Durvasa saw this as Indra not forgetting his might; he explained why he cursed the gods. Aiden argues that it was Airvata's fault, but Durvasa dismisses this and ask why they were there. He explained that one of the statues was Rambha and that he was forbidden from assisted or blessing people suspected as thieves according to the legal ordinances of the Otherworld. He knew that they got in the DMV by stealing a green ticket, to which they responded that Queen Uloopi will ban them from the Otherworld in three days.

On asking by Aru if he ever wanted a different ending or whether he thought about what would happen if he didn’t follow the rules, Durvasa changed his mind and decides to 'not-help' them by telling them what he would not say.

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Durvasa had a generous belly, nut-brown skin, black eyes, and black hair piled into a matted bun on top of his head. He was wearing a polo shirt with a small badge that read: S. Durvasa. The Answer is NO.


  • Durvasa's name literally translates to one who is difficult to live with, in reference to him being infamous for his short temper.


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