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You’re talking to the wrong one.

–Eddie warning Tristan about an imposter in, Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky.

Edward “Eddie” Garvey was the best friend of Tristan Strong before his death in a bus accident.


Early Life

When he was young, Eddie befriend Tristan Strong in the school library and the two became inseparable. Whenever Tristan’s grandparents would visit, his friend’s grandmother would tell them stories that he would write down.

In the Seventh grade he and Tristan teamed up for a project about the stories, with him doing the research and Tristan doing the talking.


Before he could do the report however, he was in a bus accident. When they were coming back from a field trip, the bus they were in hit a patch of ice on a bridge close to school and was hit in the back, where he and Tristan were sitting, by a truck. He was trapped between two seats as the bus was dangling off of a bridge. Tristan tried to save him but a school assistant prevented him. At his funeral his mother would give Tristan his journal.

Tristan Strong series

Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky

When Tristan is being attacked by Fetterlings, his spirit springs from the journal in the form of a paper giant and fights them off. However he is taken by them and brought to the Maafa.

When Tristan and Gum Baby take care of Uncle C they end up in a bus where Eddie greets them and explains how Uncle C was using the journal to track Tristan and telling stories from the journal to feed the Maafa. Eddie explains that this will be the last time they will speak to each other and they say their fairwells and Eddie tells Tristan to help some of the Maafa’s prisoners off the ship. He tells Tristan he is talking to the wrong one one last time before his friend leaves.


Eddie was an adolescent African American boy with a skinny build and hair that looked like he cut it himself. He often wore Malcolm X t-shirts and red and black wire frame glasses.


Eddie was interested in learning and folktales.


  • Edward is a masculine given name of English origins meaning “fortune and protection”.
  • Garvey is a surname of Irish origins meaning “descendant of Gairbhith”.


  • His favorite figure from African American folklore is High John.
  • He bites his fingernails when he is nervous.
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